It’s been all change at our home since I held my art exhibition last Saturday.  Most of my artwork has stayed at Vicki Karaca’s Black Olive Cafe & Studio as she’s going to keep it on display and for sale.

I must say, it feels quite odd not to have paintings stacked up around the place. I have changed quite a bit of artwork in my study – centring the vision board art on one wall, with down the side a photo of a sacred site in France (I think) and the artwork I created from that image. I have lugged the photo I took of this site to various places we’ve lived but, as I was getting so many pieces of digital art printed onto photoblock, I decided to finally treat myself to a print of this lovely scene. Beside my desk is my favourite artwork, Robot & Empire. And I’ve also revamped my sanctuary table so it’s less cluttered.  I have on it two of my favourite natural quartz wands, together with angel amphibole quartz pieces which I love. In the centre is my large spider pendant.

Most of all though, my artwork has crept into our front room.  We’ve always had the Celtic mandala hanging on the wall after I got it framed when we were living in Traralgon, Victoria. But now we’ve got my three photos of sun scenes in North Cyprus hanging up and we’re also going to hang some more of my artwork which we’ll have to retrieve from The Black Olive. This is quite a change for my husband, as he’s not a great fan of my abstract digital art – he likes rational art like still life, landscapes and so on.  Bryan’s the logical one and I’m the one who’s off with the fairies. We agree to differ but, somehow, things have shifted since I got all my art together in one place for the exhibition.  Ain’t no holdin’ this baby!!!!

Cabinet & paintings
Carved cabinet in front room with paintings. The previous owners left this cabinet behind and we absolutely love it, it has such a gorgeous, warm energy.
Study - art & sanctuary table
Paintings & sanctuary table
Study - art & sanctuary table1
Vision board art, digital art, sacred site print, Tree of Love acrylic art, and sanctuary table.
Study - new artwork
Work table with Robot & Empire print on wall
Crystal Collection




The image above is taken from a photo sent to me by a good friend of a road in Ireland known as The Dark Hedges. It’s actually a compelling and beautiful avenue of beech trees planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century. The trees have grown over towards each other to provide an archway of branches as you drive along the avenue.

It is quite an eerie sight when you look at The Dark Hedges and it’s why I’ve created a quite simple image from Hazel’s photo to reflect the otherworldly feeling you get when you see the road leading into the Dark Hedges. “MagicLand” seemed the most appropriate name, particularly given the significance of the fae folk in Ireland.

I came across this violet x-ray-looking image quite by chance on Pixlr and decided to stick with the simplicity of it, adding the rather web-like frame for it to add to the eeriness of the scene.

Here’s the original:

Dark Hedges 1



Web of Light

Web of LightThis image is based on a photo a friend took of an amazing mass of cobwebs, then layered onto various images of cobwebs I created with Pixlr gizmos. Again – the web of light links all of us and perhaps this is an era when we can start repairing the broken threads between us all with grace, love and light hearts and souls.

Here’s the original image, aren’t the cobwebs amazing?


Grasses Whisper History

Grasses Whisper History (2)

I created this image from a photo I took of grasses close to Lambousa, an ancient historical site close to where I live in Alsancak, on the north coast of North Cyprus.

We visited this area a while back – it’s about five minutes from where we live – to view the Roman fish ponds, built around two thousand years ago, and rock tombs whose age I don’t know, but they’re pretty old, perhaps earlier than the Roman fish ponds.

Lambousa was a large, wealthy port probably established in 1000 BC, and its fortunes fluctuated until its inhabitants moved inland to avoid conflict with various forces invading the island as Cyprus has always been of strategic interest to the various rulers in this area – Arab, Turkish, Venetians, Lusignans, British and Roman, among others.

I have used hand-prints before because they remind me of those who  have lived before us – an energy imprint, if you like, of our predecessors in history, and when you visit Lambousa, you become aware of the ancient origins of this area – not just the rock tombs and Roman fish ponds, but the Roman pottery littered around the grass and sand.

I have added a black, uneven frame to depict looking back at images of the past, while the two hand-prints at the top portray past ancestors and the single hand-print in the middle represents the future ancestors.  The turquoise patterns at the top represent heritage from our ancestors – so many inputs from so many strains of ancestry.

I guess if we were to illuminate the strands of DNA in everyone, which is represented by the stars around the central image, we’d find that we’re all interwoven, regardless of race, colour, size, sexuality, religion, and so on. It seems to me the ties that bind us as humanity are far more important and grace-full than the issues used to divide us.


InnovationI created this a while back and forgot about it, then found it as I was sorting out my digital art photos this afternoon.  The images represent the upheaval you can get with innovation, the birds fluttering around represent new ideas and the red area at the top represents the passion when innovative ideas hit you and your creativity is working full speed.

Heart’n’Art Exhibition

I am so pleased to say that my Heart’n’Art exhibition went really well on Saturday. It was held at the Black Olive Cafe & Studio in Alsancak, west of the historic port of Kyrenia, and made a great venue.

There was a steady stream of people, not huge crowds, but enough people to make it really worth while and I met some lovely people I hadn’t met before. I had had in mind the idea of separate groups for all the different types of art, but it turned out to be mix’n’match which worked out fine.

My husband, Bryan, did a great job of banging in nails for the pictures, as well as tolerating all my running around and nervousness in the lead-up to the exhibition. My friends, Helena and Marilyn, who really encouraged me to hold the exhibition, came and helped me set up the paintings. They did a great job of sorting out all the art and getting it organised.

Dawn Buyukertas, a local entertainer, did a great job of singing to us, she’s got a lovely voice, and Vicki Karaca – who runs the Black Olive Cafe & Studio where the exhibition was held – added her usual flair and exuberance to the proceedings.

View from Black Olive Cafe over coast, with Turkey visible on the horizon
View from Black Olive Cafe over coast, with Turkey visible on the horizon

I broke even which I think is good for my very first exhibition. I’ve now got a second exhibition on the cards in Spring, again at the Back Olive, but all day with Vicki providing her fantastic afternoon tea with yummy cakes and sandwiches. All in all, it took a lot of work and I surprised myself by being efficient and not procrastinating but it was well worth while to see all the art I’ve ever created in one space. The studio attached to the Black Olive is airy and spacious, a great venue.

The video at the end was taken by my own fair hand, hence its shakiness, and also due to the fact it’s the first time I’ve managed to work out how to take videos on my Lumix camera. Helps if you read the instructions!


Art Exhibition 7
Vision Board Art
Art Exhibition 10
Vicki Karaca, owner, Black Olive Cafe & Studio
Nicki, Dawn & Hazel
Nicki, Dawn & Hazel – friends of mine
Mo at art exhibition
Me having a well-earned break
Art Exhibition 12
Dawn who sang for us at the exhibition
Art Exhibition 11
Another photo of Dawning singing (she picked all my favourite songs!)
Art Exhibition 9
Vicki with digital art
Art Exhibition 8
Digital Art
Art Exhibition 6
Vision Board Art
Art Exhibition 5
My friends Helena & Marilyn who helped me set up the exhibition
Art Exhibition 4
Marilyn & Helena looking at my art
Art Exhibition 3
Board-framed digital art
Art Exhibition 2
Board-framed digital art
Art Exhibition 1
Board-framed digital art
Art Exhibiiton 8
Digital art on photoblock