Classy Clouds

Often when I’ve been in planes I’ve looked down on clouds below and thought how solid the look – as if you could get out of the plane and walk on the billowing pillows below. Well, of course you can’t, and as I’m still alive and typing this, you’ll know that I didn’t try that little trick!

I was reminded of my view of clouds from above when I got a lovely photo the other day of the sun shining on evening storm clouds as they passed over Kyrenia, to the east of where we live. It made me realise how miraculous clouds are – we take them for granted when really it is quite amazing to see these beautiful formations in our skies.

So here are a few photos of clouds I’ve taken here in North Cyprus. I live on the north coast facing the coast of Turkey and, when storms are crossing the island to the south and head towards the Turkish coastline, you get some beautiful views of clouds. Enjoy!

Sun on evening storm clouds over Kyrenia
Sun on evening storm clouds over Kyrenia. I just happened to walk onto the patio and saw this formation, so dashed inside to get my camera.

Stairway to Heaven, 17th Sept, 2014 Sunset 1, 19th Sept, 2014 Sunset 2 5th Sept 2014 Sunset 2, 17th Sept, 2014 Sunset 3 Sunset 9 Sunset 12 Sunset cloud over Turkey Sunset clouds Clouds 1 Clouds 10 Clouds 12 Clouds over Besparmaks Clouds

18 thoughts on “Classy Clouds

    1. Isn’t it just! I was dead lucky as most times our view is to the west and obscured by our living room but I just happened to walk out to the front of the patio and look east. Dead lucky as, within a couple of minutes of taking the photo, the pink had disappeared completely.


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous. I shared one of your poems on Facebook yesterday, not realizing the computer was on my husband’s setting, lol. It posted on his page. The likes and comments were really great. People were very moved by your work:)


    1. I think people forget to look up, you know, Lorrie – so tied up with the busy-ness of life that it’s so easy to forget the magic around us. I never forget being in a shopping centre car park when a wedge-tailed eagle soared low over the cars and no-one else noticed this wonderful bird.

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  2. I could almost hear Joni Mitchell as I was looking at this series!

    Rows and flows of angel hair
    And ice cream castles in the air
    And feather canyons everywhere


  3. Beautiful… I wish I could capture scenes like this on camera. Hope this reaches you.
    I’m still not much good on social media


    1. Thanks, Margaret, lovely to hear from you and yes, your comment came through okay. The camera I bought just before leaving Australia is a Lumix – easy to operate and it takes really clear photos. It’s compact too which is right up my alley.


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