Ancient Voices

Rock Whispers

This is an image I created with one of the photos taken by Jessica Winder on her blog, Jessica’s Nature Blog (, where she posts various photos of coastal rock and other natural beach formations.

When I’d completed the artwork, I felt it reminded me of the ancient memories carried in the rock treasures of the earth – something we tend to ignore because so many human beings consider that, if earth energies don’t work in the same way as human beings, those treasures are inanimate and of no value. Of course, the major result of this is the way mining and fracking of natural resources are carried out, with no regard for their destructive practices and contribution to global warming.

I put in the hand print to represent our connection with the ancient memories of rock and to honour all those who are working to protect and restore the glory of Mother Earth for her own sake and for future generations to be able to enjoy life on a world where people, not profits, count.

Below is the original photo I’ve worked with from Nature in Focus – please note that, while Jessica has kindly given me permission to work with her images, all of her photos are copyrighted.





Jessica's rock 4


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