Robot and Empire

Robot & Empire

I’m on a sci-fi kick and this is a tribute to I, Robot and the original Empire trilogy by Isaac Asimov.  I loved I, Robot, but the complexity of the Empire trilogy really fascinated me.  I’ve read and re-read it, great stuff!

This digital art, by the way, was created from a canvas and image I created a while back on PicMonkey, and then added to in Pixlr.  I thought Pixlr had got rid of some of its tools but it turned out I had to sign in to get the extras.  It’s $15 per annum and I forgot I signed up a while back but it’s good value for money as you get some terrific extra gizmos. Again, you have to stooge around a bit and fiddle with all the tools available but it’s great fun.

And I think having played with Pixlr has made up for the fact that, with daylight saving and the clocks going back one hour, it’s 5.30pm and already dark. Boo, hiss!

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