More Birds & Beasties

I got some shots recently of small birds perched on a tree in front of our patio. I think this tree has some sort of allure for birds because this is where the hooded crows like landing too.  We don’t know what sort of birds they are, not sparrows as they’re too small and don’t witter on like spadgers do, but we think they might be some sort of finch. Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

Here too are a couple of photos I took of hooded crows – again not too crash-hot because they seem to have some inner sense of when you’re going to take a photo of them and either try to hide or take flight.

lso below are photos of a herd of 200-odd sheep which came to feed in the vacant paddock next to our apartment. This is what I love about living in North Cyprus – sheep turning up next door, goats being herded along a street but stopping to rear up on their hind legs to have a nosh on the olive trees in someone’s garden, and the odd cow tethered in someone’s garden. Plus there’s the odd hard braking when you come flying around the bend of an empty road to find a herd of goats blocking the road!

We did, by the way, have a grandstand view of a storm moving across the south of the island towards the Turkish coast. There were huge flashes of lightning lighting up the sky, really awesome, and thunder in the distance, a small rain shower, but the storm decided Turkey was its best bet!

Sheep 4 Sheep 6 Sheep 5 Finches1 Finches Crow 3 Crow 2


3 thoughts on “More Birds & Beasties

  1. Yes, it is, Jo, except that birds here are not too thick on the ground due to hunting seasons allowed here, one is just about to start. The only upside of the hunting season is that many are so incompetent they either shoot themselves or fellow hunters!


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