Request for Help – Art Exhibition

Fiery Scene

Mo’s Art Exhibition – Donations

On 22nd November I shall be holding my first art exhibition at the Black Olive cafe which is near to where I live and has a large studio attached to it.

I intend to display art I created in Australia (mainly acrylic, mandala and vision board) and the digital art I’m creating here in North Cyprus.

However, I need some large canvas prints of my digital art and photography which is difficult to afford on an age pension. Also I can’t afford to import prints from the websites where I sell my art as the transport costs to North Cyprus are huge ($100 for one large canvas print, even before I’ve paid for the print itself). Sadly, transport companies consider Turkey as not part of Europe and postage costs skyrocket as a result.

I am – like many – not good at asking for help, but this time I’ve decided to bite the bullet and ask for help with printing costs. So I have started a GoFundMe campaign to ask for donations to help me with the printing costs of digital art and photographic canvases.  For anyone who donates $10 or more, I will create a piece of personal digital art which I can e-mail to you and you can print out at home or get it printed on canvas or whatever takes your fancy.

Any contributions, however small, will be greatly appreciated and I do thank any donors in advance. You can donate at the following link:

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