Magickal Nature

Magic of Nature

This piece of digital art has been created from a photo taken in the Smoky Mountains by Ann who operates the blog, The Republic of Ann:

Here’s a link too to Ann’s Flickr album, she really has taken some fantastic photos and I’m learning about geography as I had a vague idea the Smokies are in the US but now I know WHERE they are in the US (geography was my worst subject at grammar school!).

Ann lives in the Smoky Mountains and kindly offered to allow me to use photos she’s taken of the Smokies for my digital art, mainly rocks but for this art piece I digressed.  Actually, I was so busy poring over her photos of what is a really superbly lovely part of the planet that I almost forgot to get on with the artwork.

I decided to work with a photo Ann took of a waterfall instead of rocks and the above is a result of merging this photo with a piece of artwork I did that I didn’t feel satisfied with on its own.

When I looked at the final image, I really felt like I was looking into the magic of nature – the colours, the shapes, the devic energies, rock spirits, all the information that we can see if we are open to simply seeing/feeling/absorbing the energies of nature. Too often we’re busy striding through a landscape, instead of walking within the landscape.

Below are the two images I used to create The Magic of Nature and also a third which is the first merger of the two photos and which I worked on further for the final image:

First merger of two original photos
Truth-Telling (2)
Image I merged with waterfall photo
Ann's Waterfall
Ann’s photo of a waterfall in the Rockies.


4 thoughts on “Magickal Nature

  1. Mo! I’m thrilled with your images! Seeing your creative vision together with my waterfall photo is like a hug across the oceans. And a reminder that the world may seem huge but everything is interconnected.


    1. I’m so pleased you liked this digital art, Ann, I’m going to do another post using photos taken by you and Jessica because it’s opened me up to being more flexible in my approach to art. And yes, it’s lovely to weave an interconnection across the oceans, isn’t it?


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