Hissssing Sid!

Carpet Python - Rex & Denise's backyard Carpet Python - Rex & Denise's backyard1Just thought I’d share a couple of pics our friends in Brisbane, Queensland, took of a carpet python they found making its home in their backyard. Carpet pythons are non-venomous and usually aren’t aggressive.

I’ve had a close encounter with a 12ft carpet python when we lived halfway up a mountain in south-east Queensland and when it moved very fast, I bolted indoors even faster.

And at the same house my husband frightened the life out of a python which had gone to sleep in a roll of vinyl. Bryan rolled out the vinyl, let out a huge yell when he felt the snake in the middle, and we both watched as a dizzy-looking, 6ft python staggered off very slowly after being rolled over and over.

When we lived in Woodenbong, in northern New South Wales, Australia, our Jack Russell, Rosie, started barking furiously one night. In the morning we found the tracks of a seriously huge python which had wandered around our backyard and then, thankfully, exited into the back lane again.

And in Woodenbong again, my husband came across some kids in a neighbouring house with a python that had got trapped in the chicken run after eating a chicken. The lump in its belly stopped it getting out again through the wire netting. The kids were thrilled and were going to take the snake along to school for “show and tell”.  We never did find out what the teacher thought of that!

19 thoughts on “Hissssing Sid!

  1. I had to cart our two snakes to my daughter’s school a couple of times for show-and-tell. The hardest part was keeping the kids from touching them – I didn’t want the poor snakes to get more stressed. The kids were all thrilled, but the teachers seemed a little ambivalent.

    Those carpet pythons are beautiful!


  2. holy mackerel, mo… if they come toward you what happens? Do they want to swallow everything wholesome you?! Yikes!!
    Great share. 🙂 Meredith


    1. Nah, carpet pythons are quite shy creatures, they’ll hide rather than try to nosh you, although they will bite if you tease them or get aggro towards them. Personally I’d rather run in the opposite direction!


      1. :D. Fascinating. I would want to investigate… which is why I thought it best to ask. When I was young, children we children had the impression kids and babies were gonners should we ever encounter one. :D. Great read,. Again, thanks. Meredith


    2. You’d likely be a goner, Meredith, if you encountered a taipan snake – they are deadly venomous and are very aggressive, they’ll attack you and bite multiple times. We had one in our house once although, thankfully, we didn’t realise what it was otherwise we really would have had hysterics. Luckily it took off out of the house and we only ID’d it at a display in a shopping centre a few weeks later. THEN we had hysterics because they’re one of the most venomous in the world!


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