The Cat Sat In The BowlI’m going through a fibromyalgia flare-up at present so taking things easy. Here are pics of our two white cats: Jezebel (Sweetie’s mother) who decided to curl up in an empty bowl on the table on the verandah outside of my study; and Sweetie who loves to curl up wherever there’s a space to be found:  in the basket, only trouble being that it’s full of the weights I use for exercise, in an empty box; and among my crystals!

And as I’ve been typing this, Sweetie has climbed on my desk and gone fast asleep curled up behind my laptop!

Sweetie - Cat & Crystals
Sweetie & my crystals
Sweetie - what is it with cats & boxes
Sweetie in an empty box
Sweetie in basket
Sweetie in the basket where I keep my exercise weights.


2 thoughts on “Cats’n’Spaces

  1. Thanks, Teagan. Ours are all muscle because they’re out hunting all the time. While they do turn up at home when they feel like it, they are pretty feral because we’re surrounded by paddocks and orange orchards. Good places for nosy cats!


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