Milly’s Munchies

Now for something completely different – our littlest dog, Milly, absolutely adores crisps (chips in the US and Australia, I believe), and here she is checking out an empty crisp packet just to make sure there’s nothing left at the bottom of the packet! You’ll note the interest of the other three dogs – Molly on the sofa behind Milly, and Ziggy and Zoe at the front – just making sure they’re not missing out.

Milly & Crisp packet

8 thoughts on “Milly’s Munchies

    1. I’ll tell you, Amy, we nearly fell over laughing the first time Milly pulled that trick. Yes, everything’s fine as the weather is so much cooler, but I’m dancing with a fibro flare-up at present and it’s slowed me right down, so frustrating.


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