Fiddling with Fun

I was fiddling with digital art images yesterday and decided I’d post a few that originated with one image that I’d created a while back and returned to yesterday afternoon. I think it’s perhaps helpful to see how you can alter images into something quite different. or how a painting looks in different colours when it evokes completely new feelings.

I have also been working with Fotor now it’s downloaded onto my laptop and it really has improved enormously, I’d highly recommend it. Again, experiment with all the different effects – I found, for example, that there’s a nifty little section at the top of “Border” called “Atticus” which isn’t about borders at all, but has some good graphics.  Similarly, I love the “acquest” and “impala” gizmos in the “Effects” section.

So here are images which I created from the original one of a red flare:

Near Death Experience
Courage 1
All That Jazz
All That Jazz
Red Flare
Original Red Flare
Lights of creation
Lights of Creation – I didn’t like this as is, so super-imposed it over the red flare, and then fiddled some more with BeFunky and Fotor.












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