Milly’s Munchies

Now for something completely different – our littlest dog, Milly, absolutely adores crisps (chips in the US and Australia, I believe), and here she is checking out an empty crisp packet just to make sure there’s nothing left at the bottom of the packet! You’ll note the interest of the other three dogs – Molly … More Milly’s Munchies

Renewal of Life

Sometimes I create art last thing in the evening, then forget its existence and start on something else. So I just found this image and I like it – it’s a mixture of new leaf and old foliage on the ground in autumn. I guess it’s a symbol of hope – the cycle of life … More Renewal of Life

Fiddling with Fun

I was fiddling with digital art images yesterday and decided I’d post a few that originated with one image that I’d created a while back and returned to yesterday afternoon. I think it’s perhaps helpful to see how you can alter images into something quite different. or how a painting looks in different colours when … More Fiddling with Fun

For Coffee Lovers!

My warped sense of humour – this is how I imagine my body and brain look like inside when that first dose of caffeine hits my system!  I’ve labelled it “inspirational art” as coffee inspires me to get going in the mornings! I love coffee so please, no replies about its side effects!  And for … More For Coffee Lovers!