Ancient Memories

Ancient memories

In some way rocks and stones communicate with me although I’ve never quite worked out how this operates. It was a bit of a shock to my very logical system when this all started but there you go, sometimes things appear out of left field and you’re stuck with them.!

Last night I worked on another photo of rocks taken by Jessica Winder in the UK.  I was really drawn to this photo right from the first time I saw it. So I worked with it in this digital art and had a lovely time playing around with all the doo-dads and gizmos.

This rock formation talks to me at some unknown level  of the ancient memories which are imprinted in the energy of stones and rocks from the time of their formation.  If only rocks and stones could talk, eh?

Jessica’s Nature Blog

Original photo of rocks taken by Jessica at Ferriter’s Grove. All images by Jessica are copyrighted.

Rocks 2 - UK

11 thoughts on “Ancient Memories

      1. Oh and I know that rocks and stones can be referred to as the “stone people”. I have done “rock reading” and it is amazingly accurate. I’ll see if I can find a good article about it for you, Mo! Cher xo


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