Yemaya Songlines

I worked yesterday on a piece of art I created in Australia – Yemaya Dreaming. Yemaya is the Great Goddess of the oceans and I imagined synchronising her energies with that of the Rainbow Serpent which is an integral part of Aboriginal Dreaming – the way in which the country of Australia came into being.

I sold the painting before I left Australia to move to North Cyprus and it was quite an emotional moment for me to say goodbye to it as I’d incorporated into it stones from the beach where I’d scattered the ashes of my mother and father. I know it went to a good home though.

Yesterday I felt drawn to revisit my photo of the original art, to return to it as a song of praise for the great oceans, rivers, seas and waterways of our beautiful planet and to offer healing energies for the challenges these waters are facing.

The image that emerged reminded me of a great Yemaya in the sky being birthed here on Earth to offer the gift of water to Mother Earth as she was coming into being, hence the name: Yemaya Songlines.  Songlines are the story of creation – the links back to the heartland of this planet.

The black patterns represent the water plants that are nurtured within Yemaya’s depths and the mystery of creation.  Water represents feelings, emotional flow, tears, nurturing, sensations – and around the world so many are taking action to heal Mother Earth and ensure a heritage to future generations. This image honours them and the great waterways of our beautiful planet.

Yemaya Songlines
Yemaya Dreaming

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