Rocks in my Head

I’m in the situation now where I can’t walk on uneven surfaces due to back and hip problems, which has limited my ability to take photos of rocks, stones and other earth formations.

However, Jessica Winder, in the UK, has kindly allowed me to use her lovely photos of rocks and rock formations in her blog: Jessica’s Nature Blog

I love looking at Jessica’s blog because it reminds me of many happy hours as a child in Ramsgate, Kent, south-east UK, wandering among the rock pools beside the harbour, peering at sea anemones,tiny crabs and winkles; popping the bubbles in bladder wrack seaweed; climbing on the rock formations in the park on the West Cliff; cycling around Thanet;  and walking for hours along the chalk cliffs to Pegwell Bay collecting wildflowers and watching newts and frogs in the pools along the way.

I was scrolling through the photos on Jessica’s blog, moaning in delight because the photos are gorgeous, and my husband asked me if I was okay. I told him I was drooling over photos of rocks and stones, he rolled his eyes, muttered something about “mad as a hatter”, and retreated into the spare bedroom where he’s building a model railway (and he thinks I’M odd!!!).

So here are my first digital art creations using one of the photos in Jessica’s blog.I started off by blurring the edges of the photo of the rocks, then adding some blue-green colour to represent the sea and sky above and around the rocks.

The first piece of art, Earth’s Creation, popped up from nowhere – I was poking around on the various gizmos in Pixlr when the image appeared and it reminded me of the huge forces at work as the Earth came into being, so I’ve called this: Earth’s Creation.  The second image popped up, again out of the blue, and it rather reminded me of the days of the Renaissance, search me why, I have no idea, but Renaissance is now its name.

BlueRocks - fire of creation
Earth’s Creation


BlueRocks - UK.jpg
Original photo with edges blurred and blue-green colour added.
Rocks - UK
Original photo from Jessica’s Nature Blog:

Jessica’s Nature Blog








9 thoughts on “Rocks in my Head

  1. OH, Mo! You make me laugh! I really got a kick out of your hubby and you. Tee hee …. As for drooling, I can really understand! What you did with the images is wonderful as well as your hubby should know. Hope your day is a good one with pain that is tolerable!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. I think,with my husband and me, Amy, it’s opposites attract. He doesn’t understand my art and railway modelling bores me witless! Having some health challenges at present, but my motto is: onwards and upwards, teacups. The art keeps me sane!


      1. Ditto, Mo, on both the opposites and my photography. Hubs and are are oil and water, and my art is my Key to my sanity. Or at least I would like to think so. Hehehehehehe It depends on whose definition of sanity is being used. GRIN! Have a wonderful day!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. So, we went shooting this weekend and I came back with loads of photos. I’ve uploaded a lot of them to Flickr ( We started out shooting the fall colors and by the time we got to my favorite rocky places it had started to drizzle so I didn’t climb down the muddy river bank. But there are still several shots of Smoky Mountain rocks, so please have a look and help yourself to anything that inspires (even non-rocks)! Flickr gives you 1TB free storage, so these photos have pretty decent resolution, but If you’d like full resolution of any of them, send me an email and I’ll send you the original.


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