Yesterday I went to the Lambousa Market, a large weekly market near to where we live, to pick up a silver bracelet I’d ordered from a friend who sells lovely jewellery.  I’d originally chosen a bracelet with peacocks engraved in it, but when I got there I decided to switch to one engraved with turtles.  It “felt” better when I put it on, and I liked the idea of it being representative of Mother Earth.

I stooged around the various stalls, then – to my delight – came across one with guy who selling beautiful silver jewellery direct to the public. He used to have a shop but found more customers at markets without the overheads of a shop. He really did have some great jewellery but I was immediately attracted to a huge bling ring of silver with a deep blue zircon stone, small stones in red and blue inset around the centre stone, and a very interesting pattern engraved on the back.

I tried it on – lovely.  Dithered, but then decided that it really called me, and it was at a reduced price. It feels like a Seer Stone. I didn’t have all the money with me, so left a deposit. But in an act which really shows the generosity of people in North Cyprus, the very kind jewellery seller told me to take the ring with me and pay the balance next week.

I’ve had this happen before – I bought a lovely piece of amber-coloured calcite at the same markets, the lady didn’t have change, so told me to keep the rock and pay her the following week.  Often if we don’t have the right change in shops, the shop owner will tell us to pay the balance next time we come in. And while we’re talking of honesty, cafes leave out their tables and chairs because they’ll be there the next day, no-one will pinch them overnight. And you can leave your car windows open at night with the keys in the ignition, and it will be there the next day.

So here below are photos of my bling ring and my bling bracelet!

Bling Ring Bling Ring Back Bling Ring 1


Bling Bracelet 1 Bling Bracelet

6 thoughts on “Bling!

  1. I guess it goes around, doesn’t it – when people unexpectedly trusted us, we in turn feel the responsibility to live up to that trust. Would be nice if everyone could see the world being a better place for all if we follow this rule. Thanks for sharing. And your bling collection is beautiful!


  2. Yes, Kismet – you get some really good hand-crafted goods at the local markets here. So much nicer than mass-produced goods. I have the feeling I’m going to go back to the silver stall, the owner had some lovely jewellery.


  3. Wow CC interesting post and what fun!

    Stooging around and dithering about an open market are interesting descriptions of one’s movements. At least to Tubularsock.

    Tubularsock is going to attempt to stoog and dither about in the big city and see how that feels.

    North Cyprus seems like a hell of a trusting place and that seems great but it must be small so even if one took the cafe’s tables they couldn’t move them very far on an island, right. Tubularsock feels this wouldn’t work so well in Istanbul.

    Anyway, Tubularsock loves your blog and thank you for the likes on mine. Until Tubularsock stooges and dithers past your blog again …… cheers.


  4. North Cyprus is quite different to Turkey, thank goodness, and as you say – not much point nicking things when the island is so small and the Turkish-Cypriot police take it as a personal insult when crime is committed! And cheers to you too.


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