Einstein’s Brain

Einstein's BrainI played around yesterday with a green art piece I created a while back but wasn’t too happy with. The green had too much yellow in and perhaps I don’t like that shade of green because if I wear that colour it makes me look like Typhoid Mary.

Anyway, I fooled around with gizmos on PicMonkey and Fotor which you can now download. I’ve signed into Fotor and you get more whizzbang gizmos when you do, so I played with these and this is the final result.

I rather fancied that this is what the marvellous mind of Einstein would look like as an image. And since he sounded as if he had a good sense of humour, I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded having his brain turned into abstract art!
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Einstein

4 thoughts on “Einstein’s Brain

  1. Mo, I promised a while back to let you have a translation of a section of a book in French about the ‘meaning’ of accidents and illnesses. At long last, I’ve finished this and condensed it as follows. The book’s Dis-moi ou tu as mal, je te dirai pourquoi (Tell me where you’re in pain, I’ll tell you why) and by Michel Odoul. Here goes:

    “The memories or the profound unconscious wounds of an individual which resurface and which he refuses to accept, are going to manifest themselves in the thigh (painful tips, cramps, localised sciatic tips) rather, even a fracture of the hip, when the recollection, the memory, which appears at the surface is too strong or turns upside down the structure (bone) of personal beliefs or the person’s life choices.

    Inversely, it can be about experiences that the individual has accepted consciously, in his mind, but which he cannot or isn’t yet ready to accept profoundly. This can be the case of someone who has had to give way on something that he considered important to him (social promotion, work, house, country for example) and which he has understood and accepted in his mind. However in his most profound depths, he does not accept it. Despite all logical reasoning, he refuses to integrate it. If the pain or the trauma is situated in the hip, it means that the tension is linked to the profound (deep) structure, to the individual’s unconscious beliefs and values. If, in contrast, the problem is situated in the thigh, the muscles, we are in the presence of a manifestation less grave because less anchored in the structure.

    If the tension, the pain or the fracture is found in the right thigh, it is going to be about something in relation to Yin, the maternal symbol, and all its representations. I think for example of the precise case of a friend who had absolutely, for economic reasons, to sell his house. He knew that it was necessary, rather, obligatory. The necessity was clear in his head and he had accepted mentally all the reasons when we spoke of it. The sole problem was that, for several years, he lived with his mother in a part of this house and it was absolutely inconceivable to him to accept that he was going, that he must sell and leave it. He expelled his tension by pains repeated and sometimes violent which travelled between his right buttock, his right thigh and his right knee, according to his psychological state and his degree of internal acceptance.

    If, in contrast, the tension, pain or fracture is situated in the left thigh, they will be in relation to Yang, the paternal symbol, and all its representations.”

    It may mean nothing to you, but I’d be interested to know if it does. Ann


      1. 🙂 Glad it got through (physically, that is!) I’ve been reading about the shoulder – having broken it in July. In the real world, I lost my footing. At a spiritual level, I was not able to stop someone(s) causing me to ‘lose my footing’. I have learned a lot from the experience, but wish I’d not had to break a bone in order to do so! 🙂


      2. I know the feeling, Ann – in 1996 I moved into different work but dithered and tried to go back to my old life. I slipped and fell outside my home and, bang, broke my leg and ankle. I knew as I was going down exactly why this had happened. And at a meditation group, a complete stranger walked up to me when I’d had the cast off but was still on crutches and told me her guides had said that until I decided to go forward and not back, I wasn’t going anywhere fast. She asked me if I understood while my friend beside me was almost in tears from laughing so much. So yes, I did understand very well!!!!


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