Scenes of North Cyprus

Sunset with crows, 17th  Sept 2014
I even managed to catch a couple of crows when I was photographing this sunset!
Sunset 30th Sept 2014
A cloudless sunset – won’t be getting sunsets with the sun in the photo any more as it’s now moved behind the Besparmak Mountains at sunset.
Sunset 2, 17th Sept, 2014
This was taken when a storm was moving over the island heading towards turkey. You can just see a flash of lightning in the upper right corner. It was fascinating watching the flashes of lightning lighting up the clouds – glad it headed off to Turkey!

Sunset 28th Sept 1 2014 I just fished out these photos of sunsets I’ve taken over a few days.

There’s also one I took when I got a shot of the Full Moon earlier this month and its light shone down on the Besparmak Mountains illuminating a bank of clouds just rising up above the mountains.

Full Moon, Cloud over Besparmak
It’s not very good quality, but you can see the moon illuminating the clouds rising up over the Besparmak Mountains. It looked quite eerie in the dark, quiet night.

And also included is a photo of Turkey on the horizon, taken from our apartment.ย  Most days the horizon is clear, but in certain atmospheric conditions, the coastline of Turkey becomes quite clear, a bit like a mirage suddenly appearing on the horizon.ย  Quite eerie, sometimes!

Turkish Coastline - early evening
Turkish Coastline in the evening
Turkey on horizon
Turkish coastline – now you see it, but most times you don’t.


4 thoughts on “Scenes of North Cyprus

    1. Thanks. It looked quite eerie, watching that black cloud with the sun lighting the edges. It also looked quite a fierce storm so I’m glad it took itself off to Turkey. We quite often watch storms moving along the Turkish coastline – quite dramatic when you get huge lightning flashes lighting up the clouds.


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