I felt the urge to get back to some digital art today – it’s a beautiful sunny day here in North Cyprus, bright blue skies and bright sunshine, feeds my soul. And to be more prosaic, now it’s so much cooler (only in the ’20s now) I feel a whole lot more energetic.

I created a dark red canvas, then added a burst of light rays, before moving this over to Pixlr where I found a new gizmo which added the pyramid shapes.  Now I was left with a red centre and I couldn’t decide between a photo of a red Apothecary’s Rose or of a clear quartz pyramid with inclusions which I’ve had in my collection since I found it in a crystal warehouse in the UK.  It was in a room where damaged or leftover crystals were housed and the room had such a sad energy. My pyramid has one corner missing but, when I picked it up, a burst of energy shot up my arm.  My friend felt it as her eyes widened, she took a step back and went “Wow! I really felt the power of that!”.

In the end, I couldn’t make up my mind as both pieces of digital art felt they were about heart energy, hence the title name: “Heartery”.   You can make your own mind up if you prefer one over the other or like them both equally!

Love - This is my Song
Love – This Is My Song
Love's Kaleidoscope
Love’s Kaleidoscope


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