Creative Light

I got involved with a different approach to art this afternoon.  I finished once piece by combining two pieces of digital art I’d worked on previously and I was going to post it but just didn’t feel right about it.  I guess I thought it looked seriously wimpy, to be very honest.

But then I thought I’d go into the “effects” section of PicMonkey which I don’t often use, and found heaps of different ways to amend the original digital art. I did dither with black and white but I’m not a fan really of B & W.

I ended up with “Creative Light” and under it is the original wimpy piece. It also shows how you can alter art digitally to produce completely different images and reactions.

I felt the final image reflected the creative light which burns within all of us, however we choose to use it, and when we do honour ourselves we feel a glow within which lights us up and feeds our soul and spirit.

Creative Light

Hidden Talents

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