Classy Clouds

Often when I’ve been in planes I’ve looked down on clouds below and thought how solid the look – as if you could get out of the plane and walk on the billowing pillows below. Well, of course you can’t, and as I’m still alive and typing this, you’ll know that I didn’t try that little trick!

I was reminded of my view of clouds from above when I got a lovely photo the other day of the sun shining on evening storm clouds as they passed over Kyrenia, to the east of where we live. It made me realise how miraculous clouds are – we take them for granted when really it is quite amazing to see these beautiful formations in our skies.

So here are a few photos of clouds I’ve taken here in North Cyprus. I live on the north coast facing the coast of Turkey and, when storms are crossing the island to the south and head towards the Turkish coastline, you get some beautiful views of clouds. Enjoy!

Sun on evening storm clouds over Kyrenia
Sun on evening storm clouds over Kyrenia. I just happened to walk onto the patio and saw this formation, so dashed inside to get my camera.

Stairway to Heaven, 17th Sept, 2014 Sunset 1, 19th Sept, 2014 Sunset 2 5th Sept 2014 Sunset 2, 17th Sept, 2014 Sunset 3 Sunset 9 Sunset 12 Sunset cloud over Turkey Sunset clouds Clouds 1 Clouds 10 Clouds 12 Clouds over Besparmaks Clouds

Love of the People

Love of the People

Jesus was a bit of a lad, you know.

Liked the poor, loved kids, kicked the crap out of moneylenders,

told the truth, hobnobbed with prostitutes,

fed to five thousand people fishes and loaves

(ever thought that without the “a” loaves becomes “loves”?)

and never asked if anyone was on food stamps, slept rough,

had to access food banks, had ID, wore shoes, was mentally ill

or happened to be a different colour.

So bearing witness to His deeds

(which many seem to have forgotten, these days)

I want to sing a hymn of praise to

toilet cleaners/road sweepers/refuse collectors/

construction workers/wait staff/bus drivers/

railway workers/teachers/kindergarten staff

and anyone doing so-called lowly work

whom I may have forgotten.

I do so because these unsung heroes & heroines

serve our lives in small (but great) ways,

often overlooked in the worship of Mamon

for these days if you aren’t a Kardashion/Hilton/

or other parasitical celebrity or brash billionaire

your life is overlooked.

I quite think that Jesus would have taught

that the real wealth lies  with those who toil unnoticed

but make our lives better.

I think he might not look too kindly on

 those who sell their soul to the almighty dollar,

who take pride in denying right wages/right livelihoods/

right opportunities to good, hardworking people,

while lining their own pockets with bribes, corruption, corporate welfare

and who have forgotten (or ignored) true service:

to the soul, to Grace, to the sacred,

to the light of Divinity within  humanity

(including the poor, downtrodden, homeless and starving)


to respect for the true spirit of a simple man, Jesus Christ.


Ancient Voices

Rock Whispers

This is an image I created with one of the photos taken by Jessica Winder on her blog, Jessica’s Nature Blog (, where she posts various photos of coastal rock and other natural beach formations.

When I’d completed the artwork, I felt it reminded me of the ancient memories carried in the rock treasures of the earth – something we tend to ignore because so many human beings consider that, if earth energies don’t work in the same way as human beings, those treasures are inanimate and of no value. Of course, the major result of this is the way mining and fracking of natural resources are carried out, with no regard for their destructive practices and contribution to global warming.

I put in the hand print to represent our connection with the ancient memories of rock and to honour all those who are working to protect and restore the glory of Mother Earth for her own sake and for future generations to be able to enjoy life on a world where people, not profits, count.

Below is the original photo I’ve worked with from Nature in Focus – please note that, while Jessica has kindly given me permission to work with her images, all of her photos are copyrighted.





Jessica's rock 4


Robot and Empire

Robot & Empire

I’m on a sci-fi kick and this is a tribute to I, Robot and the original Empire trilogy by Isaac Asimov.  I loved I, Robot, but the complexity of the Empire trilogy really fascinated me.  I’ve read and re-read it, great stuff!

This digital art, by the way, was created from a canvas and image I created a while back on PicMonkey, and then added to in Pixlr.  I thought Pixlr had got rid of some of its tools but it turned out I had to sign in to get the extras.  It’s $15 per annum and I forgot I signed up a while back but it’s good value for money as you get some terrific extra gizmos. Again, you have to stooge around a bit and fiddle with all the tools available but it’s great fun.

And I think having played with Pixlr has made up for the fact that, with daylight saving and the clocks going back one hour, it’s 5.30pm and already dark. Boo, hiss!

More Birds & Beasties

I got some shots recently of small birds perched on a tree in front of our patio. I think this tree has some sort of allure for birds because this is where the hooded crows like landing too.  We don’t know what sort of birds they are, not sparrows as they’re too small and don’t witter on like spadgers do, but we think they might be some sort of finch. Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

Here too are a couple of photos I took of hooded crows – again not too crash-hot because they seem to have some inner sense of when you’re going to take a photo of them and either try to hide or take flight.

lso below are photos of a herd of 200-odd sheep which came to feed in the vacant paddock next to our apartment. This is what I love about living in North Cyprus – sheep turning up next door, goats being herded along a street but stopping to rear up on their hind legs to have a nosh on the olive trees in someone’s garden, and the odd cow tethered in someone’s garden. Plus there’s the odd hard braking when you come flying around the bend of an empty road to find a herd of goats blocking the road!

We did, by the way, have a grandstand view of a storm moving across the south of the island towards the Turkish coast. There were huge flashes of lightning lighting up the sky, really awesome, and thunder in the distance, a small rain shower, but the storm decided Turkey was its best bet!

Sheep 4 Sheep 6 Sheep 5 Finches1 Finches Crow 3 Crow 2


Breezy Bougainvilleas

Breezy Bougainvilleas

I created a piece of digital art for another project which consisted of photos I’ve taken of magenta-coloured and pink and white bougainvilleas.

Then I was inspired to pop onto Pixlr to do some more fiddling with the image and, to my delight, I found Pixlr had added two more gizmos for photo imaging.  So here’s the final image I created: Breezy Bougainvilleas.

I’m hoping we don’t get the bitterly cold winds we had last winter (well, bitterly cold by Cyprus standards!) as it really knocked our bougainvilleas. So fingers crossed we get weather which won’t skittle these gorgeous creepers.