Sea-Eagles’ Nest

I was going through my photos and re-discovered the ones I took of a sea-eagle’s nest.  It was on the Pacific HIghway north of Macksville heading north towards Coffs Harbour, mid-north coast of New South Wales.

The power company in NSW built the platform to encourage the sea-eagles to nest and also kindly fixed up insulators so they were able to fly to and fro and roost in safety.

We’d see one of the eagles sitting on the eggs, most likely the male coming in with food, and then a couple of heads pop up as the eggs hatched and the babies grew. Then the nest would be empty until the next breeding season started.

Sadly one nest had a sea-eagle sitting on eggs but there was a heck of a storm and when we drove that way again, there was no sign of eagles at the nest.


Sea-eagle nest

Sea-eagle nest, close-up

4 thoughts on “Sea-Eagles’ Nest

      1. Good to know that wildlife is being looked after by power companies. And glad you like the new layout. I must admit, I got the inspiration for galleries from another blog where awards were in a gallery format. It looked much tidier than heaps of posts down the side, and then there was no stopping me!


  1. In Florida, the power company does the same thing for ospreys. Hurricanes often sweep the nests away, but this usually happens later in the summer after the little ones have fledged.

    I love your new layout – especially the slideshow widgets!


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