Crow Capers

I just happened to have my camera in the kitchen yesterday evening when some crows landed in the paddock adjoining our apartment.  The photos aren’t too brilliant as the light was poor, just coming into twilight, but I was pleased at just getting some photos of the hooded crows as they’ve very nervous birds and take off the minute they see any movement.

And if you’re wondering why I’m churning these posts out this morning, it’s because I woke at 5am, couldn’t get back to sleep, so decided to do some blogging to make my sleepless night a bit more productive. As soon as this post flies into the ether, I’m off to have some breakfast, then back to bed for some shut-eye (hopefully!) for a few hours.

Crow 1 Crow Crows x 2 Crows

10 thoughts on “Crow Capers

  1. I am off to Stavanger next week, where the crows are small, grey and full of attitude. They strut about like cool dudes! They obviously don’t have to pay the price of a gin and tonic in Norway……….


    1. Hi, Su – surprise to see you pop up here. Have a good time in Stavanger, I’d heard that booze was expensive in Norway, perhaps that’s why the Norwegians upstairs come here for their holiday – sun AND cheap grog! xx


      1. Yes, crows are very smart. I remember seeing a video back in Australia where crows would wait for a red traffic light, strut to the middle of the road and leave a nut, walk back to the side, watch the nut get cracked when the lights turned green and cars drove over them, then walk back at the next red light to pick up their readymade nut without the hard casing. Fascinating.


    1. Yes, Diana, The crows back in Australia were quite different too – much louder, more raucous and also far less nervous. You would get crows walking quite close to you and not bothering about human presence, but here they’re much more twitchy, the slightest movement sending them flying off. They form a family group when they’re bringing up fledglings but tend to be more solitary than in Australia and in Vancouver Island too, from what you’ve said. You certainly don’t get big murders here like you describe. Love the idea of them ending their shift and flying home!


  2. Hi Mo,
    Your crows are definitely different from the crows on Vancouver island. Ours are all black and a little fuller in shape. Every day I watch a murder of them (30-50) fly home from spending the day at the city dump. My husband and I always joke about them like they are a group of factory workers ending their shift. They caw and sound out to each other as they pass by, “See you tomorrow Joe.”, “Say Hi to the wife and kids for me” ” You bet Harry, see you tomorrow.”

    The Crones Apprentice


    1. Yes, I did an energy cleaning of our apartment as I felt I’d picked up some negative energy from a place I visited last week, opened my eyes when I finished and there was a crow just coming in to land at the top of a tree in front of our apartment.


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