Animal Crackers

Now for something completely different – recent photos of our four dogs, Zoe, Ziggy, Milly & Molly, and our cats  Jezebel, Sweetie and Bella.

This set is of our biggest dog, Zoe, playing around. She’s usually very stately and aware of her status as Top Dog, but when she starts stuffing around, she looks really ungainly and so unlike her usual elegant self:

Zoe at play
Zoe playing with Molly
Zoe at play 3
Zoe playing with Millie

Zoe at play 1



The next set of photos was taken when Molly had climbed onto my husband’s lap. Molly absolutely adores Bryan and stays as close to him as she can, but this time – while Ziggy hid under the chair – Milly tried to climb on while Zoe bobbed around trying to find an opening so she too could climb on Bryan’s lap. Molly hung on and Zoe and Milly retired defeated!

Bryan & Pooches 2







Bryan & pooches 1 Bryan & pooches



Below are our cats: Jezebel who arrived with two kittens, Sweetie and Tinkerbell, but sadly we lost Tinks, she just disappeared one day. Jezebel is also known as She Who Must Be Obeyed as she’s got a vicious right hook if you don’t watch out.  Sweetie really lives up to her name – a soft cat who the dogs absolutely adore. When she walks in she stand there and waits like a Little Princess for the dogs to surround her, check her out and lick her so she ends up completely soggy.  Bella was the last to arrive in our menagerie, a very frightened, timid little kitten with only one eye.  Of them all, Bella has remained the most feral, mainly popping in for food morning and evening, and only occasionally staying in the house.

Bella 3
Bella (I think the term for her colouring is “calico”)
Jezebel on footstool

And just to wind up, here are a couple of photos of our lovely little Jack Russell, Rosie, who lived with us for 16.5 years until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge when we were living in Bowraville.  We buried her in the corner of our garden where a plant cast shade on her grave, and with her we also buried a lovely cobaltian calcite rock which was a deep pink, a sign of enduring love (and yes, I still get weepy when I write about Rosie!).

Rosie in winter coat
Rosie in her winter coat
Cobaltian Calcite - Congo
The cobaltian calcite rock we buried with Rosie.



7 thoughts on “Animal Crackers

    1. Believe it or not, our biggest dog, Zoe, still climbs onto Bryan’s lap – he disappears completely behind her! And yes, Rosie was gorgeous – she travelled with us to the UK, then returned, then flew over to the Eastern States with us, so all the travelling led to a long life. It was heart-breaking to lose her, you never forget furbabies, do you?


    1. Yes – interestingly when we lived in the UK my husband saw the ghosts of cats and dogs, and also when we were living on the wheatbelt outside of Perth on our return to the UK. Not our cats and dogs, by the way, but animals who’d previously lived in the houses we were living in.


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