Awesome Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season.  After the heat of summer, the cooler days and evenings leave you feeling so much more energised – mind you, autumn temperatures here are still in the low 30Cs with 35C forecast on Wednesday. But with any luck, the temperatures will start falling slowly until it gets to that time when I shall moan about the cold!

Anyway, in the spirit of awesome autumn, I’ve been creating some digital art from photos I took of another fireworks exhibition on Friday night (thank you so much, Merit Hotels, for our free fireworks displays on our doorstep!), plus some earlier artwork of astronomite patterns and autumn leaves.  Over that I added an image of some gazania flowers. And then I started playing around with Photoshop plug-ins from Topaz – I’d actually forgotten I had one of them.  It was great fun and shows you what you can on-line in the way of artwork these days.  I must say, I do miss my glitter, but I much prefer the tidy workshop I have now!

This was the base for the artwork.
Autumn undergrowth 1
This was laid over three photos of fireworks exploding which I’d layered over the base artwork.









These are the results, with the last photo being an adjustment I made to the pink photo. I thought the pink photo looked a bit wishy-washy so I went back to PicMonkey, and worked on that image with the “effects” section, adding “clarity”, “sharpening”, and then working on the “exposure” with the brightness and sharpness and contrast buttons.

I thought this time I’d describe how I’ve worked on these images so you get some insight into what you can do with digital photography and the various programmes available. With the Topaz plug-ins, I’ve waited until they’ve been on special and bought each plug-in which I thought was useful to me.  I didn’t want all of them as I feel you can get to wrapped up in fiddling with digital photography and art to get “just the right image” when often less is best.

Then I added in a layer of gazania flowers.
Then I added in a layer of gazania flowers.
Autrum Rose 1
This was the revamp of the pink artwork, and I worked on this image with PicMonkey.
Autrum Adventures
This was one version amended with a Topaz plug-in
Autumn Awareness
This was another version with a Topaz plug-in
Autuum Rose
And this was a third version with a Topaz plug-in.


10 thoughts on “Awesome Autumn

  1. Hi, These are all so great…….one of these days will investigate all these neat ways to create images. Finally got a new computer so have to comment on your recent poetry now that I’m back on line…..i’ve been able to read all of it and its awesome, thank you so much for sharing it. Do you have addresses for our old crowd….when the first pc broke down all my contacts went with it.
    Take care of you and know I think about you every day/.


  2. You’ve reminded me of my Ultimate Fabric Shop fantasy. Often, when I shop for fabrics, I will find the perfect print, only the colors aren’t quite what I want. So, you wave your magic wand over the bolt and poof! my perfect fabric for bedroom draperies, or poof! my perfect fabric for a new sundress.


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