F – abulous; A – bundant; T- remendous


Don’t waste my life

talking to me of calories, kilojoules,

2lbs lost here, 5lbs gained here.

Because my life – and yours – is too precious

to spend time on dead-ends

dictated by a society terrified of abundant, free, daring, loose,

fleshy, juicy, freewheeling, wildish women.

Join me:

I rejoice that  I am a

Ferocious    Funny      Frisky       Fierce

Amusing     Amazing     Astounding       Abundant

Terrific    Tantalising     Thrilling     Tremendous

Yes, FAT woman – but you can be any shape, just your own,

only be the woman

who howls at the moon, dances in delight at the bringer of tides

and emotions and ebbing and flowing seas and rivers;

who peers at the soft rays of the moon glowing in a dark sky

 filling your soul with radiant light;

who whirls like a Dervish in joyous worship

of the heat of the sun and feels

the warmth filling your cells, marrow, bones, blood

with life;

who looks at  the magnificent miracle of an azure sky,

feels the air moving over your body as winds and breezes

stir our juices;

and marvels

that life on earth is so wonderful, thrilling, gorgeous,

fabulous, rich, earthy, exciting, sad, noble, anxious, boring,

bright, loving, kind, careless

but above all


So no, I won’t waste a moment

of this precious life

counting calories/carbs/whatever

worrying about “dangerous” food

which most likely is rich, luscious, luxuriant

cakes, sweets, jewel-like, glowing jellies, food  rich with glistening chocolate,

gorgeous cherries, abundant apples, perfect peaches,

cheery croissants, rich artisanal bread, oily olives.

I choose life, not a living death of

listening to fat-hating, woman-fearing tyrants

ranting and raving

against luscious, reubenesque, glorious

fat (or thin) bodies.

Come – hold my hand – join a circle

to dance the glee of life, the ferociousness of living life to the fullest

to honour our presence here on this wonderful, beautiful, glorious  world,

just as you, me, we are wonderful, beautiful, glorious beings

who light the world with our lives, our passion

and our love of our bodies just as they are.

We are wise, witchy, warrior women:

hear our ROAR!

24 thoughts on “F – abulous; A – bundant; T- remendous

  1. Wow! I love this. Wish I could think like that. Maybe a few visits to your blog and I will have an attitude change. After all Eat, drink and be merry, for you may diet another day lol 😀


  2. MO MO MO!!!! Oh wow, I really LOVE this!!! I am joining you to be a witchy woman!!! YES!!!! I’ve given up so much of the rich foods because of the numbers that dictate cholesterol. I’m miserable. I LOVE my ice cream! So I am stepping into your Cirlce and whirl about and go back to eating ice cream! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!! O-WOOOOOOOOO! (Howling at the moon!) Love, Amy


    1. Glad to see you jumping back into the ice-cream, Amy. Time we stopped seeing food as the enemy and learned to live with its gifts to a healthy life – and that includes ice-cream (but especially choc-ice!). xxx


      1. YUM for chocolate. These doctors have you SO afraid to eat this that or the other, and then the tests …. What gets me, Mo, is that we are ALL different so the “norm” for the range for these blood tests …. just tell me, how just HOW do ALL fit in those ranges? I’ve been told my bad cholosterol is high but so is my good so they even each other out. No matter what I eat that is what it is. THIS IS MY NORM. And I feel and look wonderful! No doc will ever get me to take more pills then I already am. Enough! Let’s get back to being human beings again instead of statistics. I’m right there with you! Chocolate! My fav is chocolate chip! xx Amy


    1. Yup,. roll around in those colours as much as you like, Amy. Forgot to tell you – my favourite is a whipped ice-cream cone, dipped in chocolate which then goes solid from the cold ice-cream, and then the piece de resistance – a stick of Cadbury’s Flake stuck in it. Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy!


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