Mother Courage

Mother Courage
Quite a while ago I used to add my art to a site called Squidoo, but then I clean forgot about it as I moved to other sites which were more user-friendly.  I suddenly remembered Squidoo last week only to find that it had been taken over by HubPages which said it would switch my account if I wished to. So I thought “In for a penny, in for a pound”, completed the details and then got notified two days ago that the switch had been carried out.

I thought I’d create a couple of “hubs” (honestly, why do these web sites use such stupid terminology?) with my digital art and photos of Australia, only to find that once I’d published them, they would have to go to a vetting process to see if they were good enough for HubPages and also got told that, as soon as I started operating, I would be open to sanctions if I crossed their high standards process. Plus – wait for it – I had to create a minimum of five “hubs”.  Hmmmm, sounded like control freaks at work big-time here!

I started having the heebie-jeebies then, and got them even more when I got a condescending note telling me my hubs weren’t good enough but, hey, I  could go to boot camp where some jolly jokers would tell me where I’d gone wrong. I looked at one “hub” which had been, ahem, through “boot camp” and it had now expanded from 250 words to 2450 and from 4 photos to 24. That sounds like a lot of work when I’m also involved in writing blogs and creating art!

Now I don’t know about you, but the pretentiousness of the whole process, telling me loftily how to improve my writing (excuse me?) and concept of “boot camp” got right up my nose. The other art sites I use let you control our own output without someone standing over you like Mr & Madam Lash, toying with whether you’re good enough or need a good old touch of the whip!

I checked on-line and found similar complaints about the control freakery at HubPages plus the arbitrary nature of their decision-making. I also found out that you do all the heavy lifting of writing hubs and posting pics, and they make their money off your hard work because they’re linked with Google.

So I told them to poke their website where the sun don’t shine and closed my account.

The good thing is that it caused me to focus on the fact that I like to manage my own affairs, plus I promptly decided to get into gear to sell my art on-line and here in North Cyprus.  I have posted photos to my Facebook profile:

and my original digital artwork can viewed on my Flickr page:

If you would like a print of any of my artwork, you can go to my Dropr page where you can download a print for a price you set, from $5 upwards,  and then frame it or get it printed onto canvas if you wish:

I do ask that people respect copyright of the work I put into my digital art and pay for any artwork you like. 

That’s it, folks, Mother Courage has suddenly stood tall and told idiots like HubPages to get knotted. I’ll manage my own writing and artwork, thank you very much!



9 thoughts on “Mother Courage

    1. Thanks, Irene – and finally, FINALLY, I’ve remembered to thank you for the lovely aventurine heart you included with my necklace. It was really hot that day and I popped it in my handbag as I was tearing open the necklace package and clean forgot about because I was really hot and bothered by the time I got back. So sorry for the delay and it really is lovely.


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