Another lovely sunset in North Cyprus

Yesterday I was able to get some more really good photos of the sunset because cloud formations create such wonderful colours. Although the sun looks lovely going down on a cloudless sky, it really is a time of magical sunsets once clouds reappear on the horizon – a sign too that autumn is starting to approach.

Sunset 1 5th Sept 2014 Sunset 2 5th Sept 2014 Sunset 4 5th Sept 2014 Sunset 5th Sept 2014

17 thoughts on “Another lovely sunset in North Cyprus

    1. Glad you liked the photos, Charlotte. It’s now getting dark between 7-7.30pm. We were just saying tonight that the evenings have suddenly started drawing in much more quickly. In the winter it’s usually dark by 5.30pm. Back to watching DVDs’!


  1. what a wonderful photo(s) of the sun descending from the clouds…
    I wonder if He paused to hide behind the clouds as they look more like a shroud than fluffy pillows
    You share the most gorgeous images….Thank you….
    Take Care…You Matter…


  2. These are just gorgeous, Mo. I’ve been shooting sunsets over the past month and there’s such awe… you capture it so well, cyprus style. 🙂 neat.

    (i’m so happy you’ve been following the one, june summer stuff… it just made my day every time i batched posts and found your psychedelic face. i love your sense of color!) ~m


    1. Thanks, Meredith, just lining up some more sunsets, it’s great this time of the year when you actually have clouds. And thanks for liking my art – I needed that comment for a morale booster as I’m off to sell my art tomorrow for the very first time. Knees knocking!

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      1. I hope you have a wonderful time! Are you doing an art fair or something similar? It’s a brave step, no matter the venue, to be sure… but oh! What a quest. It’s such a rich experience. I’m so glad for you. 🙂 Meredith


      2. It should be good as it’s a women’s evening and I know many of the women going. It’s a local cafe with a studio attached and it’s a rather nice way to dip my toes into selling my art. Preparation for my art exhibition in November: “Heart’n’Art”.


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