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Now that we have our apartment up for sale, we are in contact with that peculiar species of human being known as realus estatus agentus.  Luckily for us, the first representative of this species who inspected our home for a listing was very pleasant,  we felt good about her attitude to our abode, and she liked the dogs (big plus!).

However, a few days ago we had one agent who was rude, disrespectful and incredibly arrogant. She didn’t like the dogs either so we’re not listing with her.

Added to this have been a few comments to the effect that if we want to flog our home, we need to get shot of the dogs.  These comments have amazed me – the dogs are non-negotiable, not toys to be picked up on a whim and discarded just for the sake of selling one’s home.

Thinking about this has reminded me that my husband and I do not work on the terms of realus estatus agentus, we have our own approach to flogging our home and it is to work with the world of Spirit/Divinity/Grace or whatever takes your fancy.

Which is how this post eventuated.

We put our home up for sale and then offer it to the universe to be sold at the right price, to the right person at the right time.  We only work with realus estatus agentus folk who we like, feel comfortable with and who are in tune with our home. We won’t work with agents we don’t click with or who show disrespect our home.  Similarly if a potential buyer turns up who is disrespectful of our home, we won’t sell them as we believe we put love and good energy into our homes and we want those homes to receive positive energy when we move on.

I never realised how this worked until we sold our home in Boonah, Queensland way back in 2002.  We were very broke but managed to sell some antique furniture for cash just in time to pay for a cheap rate on our plane ticket to the UK.  This was before we sold our home, by the way, we just decided to take a punt on the tickets. An offer came through from some lovely people just at the right time and everything fell into place for our return to the UK.

For the first six months in the UK we lived in Scotland but we couldn’t afford the house prices and it was perishing nippy after tropical Queensland. So we went down to Colne, Lancashire, where Bryan’s family lived, leafed through the newspapers and decided to look at houses in Nelson. At the time prices were low because it was a predominantly Asian town and many white folk didn’t want to live there. It didn’t bother us – we found that if you treated people with courtesy and friendship, they returned the same in trumps. And the kids were wonderful – played in the streets, treated us with politeness and respect as we were senior folk, and loved following me around when I took our dog, Rosie, for a walk. We used to wander along the pavements with a little retinue of giggling girls chanting “Doggie, doggie, doggie” which the Little Princess treated with appropriate disdain as befitted a member of doggie royalty. Bryan used to tease the kids playing cricket with stories of Australian cricket and how he’d bring Shane Warne to bowl at them which they thought was hilarious.

Anyway, back to the house purchase. I found a suitable one on the paper, phoned the agent and off we went. Except that I suddenly felt drawn into another agent’s office, veered into it leaving my  husband searching for the suddenly missing Mo, asked for a house with our requirements, one had come on the market the previous Friday, we inspected it and put in an offer on the spot which was accepted.  In an area where terraced mill houses with no garden were the norm, we had found a home in a quiet area, with a garden front and back and we were on the end of a block of four. As our lease on the house we were renting in Scotland ended on the Monday, our mortgage approval came through on the previous Friday and we ended up moving into our new home on the Saturday. That one was really cutting it fine!

Unfortunately we had been away from the UK for too long, we’re Australians now and we felt like strangers in a strange land. So after my husband’s mother died in 2004, at the grand old age of 94, we decided to return to Australia.  A realus estatus argentus turned up to advise us to paint our home in magnolia as magnolia was neutral and sold.  We left the ceilings white and painted the rest of the house varying shades of purple and lilac – all picked out by by husband, much to my surprise.

The same realus estatus argentus returned, completely forgot about the dreaded magnolia colour, loved the purple, told us to put a top price on the house, and we sold it for double the price we’d paid the year before as demand had risen for housing in Nelson. The lass who bought it was delighted because we were selling it fully furnished as she was in furnished, rental accommodation with her two boys (in the UK you take everything with you – carpets, cupboards, fridges, stoves, light fittings, etc.). We had to wait for approval for her mortgage but again took a punt on buying flight tickets at a good price, her approval came through the Tuesday before our flight, so we walked out and she walked in the same day. On the Friday prior to our flight home, we got married and our house buyer came to our wedding with her boys. We are still in touch.

Back in Australia, we found a wonderful, 100-year-old mudbrick cottage on the wheatbelt, bought it cheaply, renovated it, and then put it up for sale 1.5 years later as I suffered from asthma and allergies with so much wheat dust around. Nothing happened at first. Then we found out that a gold mine had opened up nearby driving up prices, we increased the price of our home and sold it within a fortnight. Everyone thought we were mad increasing the price but we listened to our intuition. And we sold our home to a lovely young man who took in rescue huskies so that they would be loved and cared for in their old age.

I won’t go into any more detail, but our experience showed us that – after buying and selling eight homes between 2002-2014 – everything falls into place as long as we let go of expectations, surrender to the grace of divinity, and allowed the chips to fall where they were meant to. The really BIG thing we learned has been trust – as every time we sold and bought homes, all fell into place at the very last minute and we had to learn not to panic!

I realise that this must  be difficult for some people where buying and selling houses is seen as a very practical, materialist undertaking with the hope of making a lot of money. But we have been prepared to take a lower price where necessary knowing that the World of Divine Real Estate Buying and Selling would have another one available at a price we could afford. And that’s how it’s happened.

To return to Realus Estatus Agentus, they think we’re truly weird because we don’t play by the rules. On the other hand, placing your trust in the world of Spirit can be a bit nerve-racking, but it all works out beautifully in the end.



10 thoughts on “House-Selling, Spirit-Wise

  1. Interestingly we have been on a house buying jag for not quite 2 years, putting daughter into a rental (from us), son into a rental (from us), son managing his rental and another we just purchased, where friends of his were able to move in less than 3 weeks after we closed and son’s marathon redo of everything that needed redoing in time to be out of their old place because it had sold – she has Dog and that is not easy to find rentals for in that area, so I have awesome renters and great income before my first mtg is paid. That said, I bid on two houses in our area that would take us closer to hubby’s work by half (his commute one way 1.5 hours), and we got neither of them. And the pricing around here in the last year has gone from reasonable to higher than before the crash, so we are where we are now, but have put a good deal of time and effort in this summer and where we are is pretty much exquisite (except for distance to hubby’s work and he says he’s done it for 20 years, as long as he has his motorcycles he can do it for another 20 if necessary). So son and I are looking for 1 more house in his area, which is way behind the rising price curve (Florida – over built and many foreclosures that drive prices down). And so far it’s worked spectacularly, so I’m guessing I’m supposed to stay in the house for a while longer (and maybe that’s what I really want and why it isn’t selling, who knows). LOVE THIS POST. Thank you for reminding me of how things work!


    1. Good to hear others’ house-buying experiences. I love the way you’re redecorating your house – I think you’re sending out subliminal messages about how you love your home and love where you are!


  2. We have also bought and sold houses and our own intuition has always served us the best. Good luck. Do you plan to move far away?


    1. Not sure where we’re going to end up, CT, but within North Cyprus. We always fixate on a home or place then find ourselves somewhere quite different! But we’d like a Cyprus house, more suited to the climate, and more private.


    1. Yes, I feel the same way. I get very annoyed at our neighbours turning up twice a year for “peace and quiet”, expecting us to fall in with them, and complaining about our dogs as if we personally sought them out just to spite the neighbours!

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  3. The book “Don’t Sign Anything” by Neil Jenman is good value for buying/selling houses but you are pros! As you say you don’t play by their rules, instead make your own ones. We made three offers on the same house and the third and final offer was the lowest.
    Like your detailing of you wandering off. Made me laugh, I can relate!


    1. You know, vontoast, I almost felt as if I was seized by the collar and hauled into that real estate agent’s office. I’m afraid disappearing into shops is a favourite habit of mine and it drives my husband nutso!


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