Our Own Anubis

The heatwave has broken, thank goodness, and I am – much to my surprise – still alive and feeling a whole lot more lively now it’s got a bit cooler!  So here’s the first cab off the rank from the revitalised Crazy Crone’s bag of tricks.

Our dogs last week managed to smash to pieces a planter with a rather nice little anthurium in it. This dastardly deed happened at night and I found our living room floor covered with pieces of pottery, dirt everywhere and remnants of the unfortunate plant.

We then found out why the planter had been knocked off the coffee table – our youngest dogs have appropriated it to sit on (although they don’t last long until they’re booted off)!

So here’s a photo I took of Molly where she really does look quite haughty and akin to Anubis, the jackal-headed god in ancient Egypt. We think Molly has Doberman in her, and while she looks fierce, she is in fact quite a gentle, nervous, quiet dog. She’s also incredibly athletic and can jump great heights with ease from a standing start on all four legs.  She also has another trick where she walks on her front paws with her back legs in the air – perfectly balanced!

I’m pleased with the end result but have to admit that it’s a complete accident. The coffee table that Molly was lying on looked a bit patchy, so I started filling it in with Photoshop, pressed a button accidentally and filled in the background too.  I then finished off the squiggly bits with the Photoshop’s “liquify” gizmo.



14 thoughts on “Our Own Anubis

    1. Feeling like Tuesday, Carol, ha-ha. No. seriously, heaps better now the heatwave is broken. We’re down to the low ’30Cs now which feels great, particularly as we know it won’t go back to the high temps now, autumn is – at long last – on its way!


    1. Oh no, not more mischief! It’s funny watching the dogs play – one becomes “it” and all the others play-attack it, then another dog takes a turn to be “it” and so on. We have a low box over our water tank so they love jumping on top of the that and being king of the castle until another dog knocks them off and takes their place.

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