Time Out

I’ve decided to have a week’s break from blogging and doing pretty much anything at present as the heat has really begun to affect me badly and I’m suffering from heat exhaustion.  We’ve had over a fortnight of 40C (102-104F) with intense humidity and it has been utterly draining.  We are facing the same for the rest of the week, with temperatures slated to start dropping next week (I live in hope!).  As I am feeling  under the weather with the high heat coupled with rampant humidity and it’s caused my fibromyalgia to flare up badly too, I decided I’m just going to rest and wait it out until it feels okay to return to blogging.

We have also decided to put our apartment up for sale as we want to live in a house rather than a complex, and also search out a Cypriot house as they’re more attuned to the climate, so watch this space.  Our friends think it’s very funny as we have moved nine times in the past twenty years (including moving to the UK and back to Australia, and then to North Cyprus) and I guess they’ve been wondering when the next move would happen!

I created this digital art a couple of days ago with a photo I took of a spider when I was living in Woodenbong, high in the Border Ranges in northern New  South Wales.  So l will post it although I have no insights into it whatsoever, my brain feels like mush!

Web of Life


30 thoughts on “Time Out

      1. Your art really inspires me. I’ve been wanting to have a go at digital art myself for a while now, but it’s obviously a lot harder than artists like you make it seem, so I’ll just keep going with my baby steps.


      2. I never fancied digital art, Jo, but when I started working with PicMonkey, it took off. One of the best ways to start, as I did with an on-line course, is to post a photo you’ve taken on PicMonkey, then got to the left side, pick “Textures” on the left hand side (it’s the cross-hatch box second from bottom) then pick “Your Own”, load another photo you’ve taken, then go through the “blend mode” choices to see the different effects. Just keep playing so you get an idea of what you can create. I don’t actually draw because I’m no good at working with on-line art gizmos, just work with all the gizmos on PicMonkey, BeFunky, Pixlr and Fotor. I did this with a photograph of my mother, aunt and grandmother, then super-imposed one of myself, to show the inter-connection between generations.


      3. Thanks Mo! I’ve just done that and it’s amazingly cool to use. I’ve been fiddling with Paint.net and recently Corel, but they really aren’t easy to use at all. I have a feeling I’m going to be spending lots more time on Picmonkey now.


  1. Good luck house hunting. I can relate to the multiple moves, I’ve added our moves up and we are more the same, overseas back and forth. We will move again I’m sure. Itchy feet or nomadic tendencies, I have no idea.
    I cannot look at spiders and feel warm and fuzzy – sorry. 😦 And size does matter, the bigger they are the scarier they are.
    Put your feet up for now and wait out the heat and humidity. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Veronica, we have our eye on a couple of houses but as that old saying goes: first sell your current house. As for spiders, I have one as a totem and after living with huge huntsman spiders in Australia, I’ve lost my fear of spiders. Except I don’t like them running over my feet!


  2. This is so beautiful!
    Enjoy your week off and hope you feel better❤️
    (Also thank you so much for liking my posts everyday❤️I really appreciate and apologize that I’m so late to check your posts😊)
    Have a wonderful time❤️


    1. Yes, thanks, Carol, the humidity is a stinker. Last year wasn’t quite so hot but much drier. And guess what? We have our home up for sale, looking to move to the south coast near Famagusta, at least we’re not moving continents this time 😀


  3. I thought autumn was waining and winter waxing near down under. 40 degrees? You stole our summer! It’s been bloody cool here.

    Please tell me the image of the spider is massively blown up. Every time I think about going to Oz I find wolf spiders in my email attachments or Reddit or lurking out there in the Web. (shudders) Change my mind every time. 😉


    1. I’m Australian but an ex-pat living in North Cyprus so it’s summer here. And no, the photo wasn’t massively blown up, sad to say. The good thing is that huntsman and wolf spiders are really very timid, they keep away from humans in the main, we used to live and let live when we were in Oz. One did run over my foot once but it was trying to hide so it just tickled – ha-ha!!!!

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      1. Oh, no. That would have done me in. The idea that spiders are that close. No. No. No. I think it might be part of the subconscious reason I love the cold. Spiders and snow don’t mix.

        Cyprus! I misread. I thought you’d already moved. Nice.


    1. Thanks, Otto, I find spiders fascinating but I seem to be in a minority! The heatwave is starting to break up, thank goodness, “only” 37C today, and thanks for the good wishes re house moving, much appreciated.


  4. Jo – Hopefully you’ll see this as I can’t reply directly to your earlier post: try also the on-line programmes BeFunky, Pixlr and Fotor. They all have different tools and are all easy to use once you’ve poked your way among the various gizmos.


    1. Heading off there now Mo – thanks again! It’s amazing that these are out there and so much easier than the ones you have to shell out for. I think that possibly in your settings you should be able to allow more replies for your comment threads. 🙂


      1. Aha! Didn’t even know I could change the comments section, thanks for that. I mainly use the on-line editing suites now, rather than Photoshop because they’re faster and also better. I think Photoshop developers need to have a good, hard look at their programme as it’s quite clunky and slow compared to sites like PicMonkey and Be Funky.


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