That whore you sneer at

as she stands thin and tired at the roadside,

that addict shooting up in

a squalid alley or rancid room

Was raped as a kid by daddy/step-daddy/family friend/priest

beaten by their


Given a fix by their mother at twelve years of age.


Lives on the streets because they have a mental illness

Can be child/girl/woman/boy/man who

Hasn’t known love as the system moves him/her

from house to house/boarding house/.


Don’t say “home”.

Because home means love and to the

raped/abused/paedophile victim/loveless person/

mentally ill person

each house of refuge/shelter/rooming house is not a home:


Only the smack/crack/ice

is the Lover, the one who whispers in your ear aching for love, for hugs:

I will provide the oblivion from a world

which has scraped you raw,

left you bleeding from your heart,

Turns its back.

Because you are The Shadow:

What we all could be.

So walk a mile in their shoes.

Then show them your heart:

Respect!  Respect!  Respect!

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