God Damn the Armaments Man (thanks to God damn the Pusher , Steppenwolf)



Yes, you: the one who manufactures and

pushes weapons anywhere in the world,

served so well by servile governments:

God damn you

‘cos you’re the Pusher Man,

the Armaments Man,

the World of Warcraft for real.

Makes and hawks his wares as a mercenary

Because he’s sold his soul to the devil:

to the billions of dollars that line his pockets

when he sells

warplanes/attack helicopters/Hellfire missiles/flechette weapons/

armoured cars/nerve gas/

water cannon/rubber bullets/grenade launchers/grenades/

fragmentation grenades/gas grenades/assault rifles/

bunker-busting bombs/drones (long-distance murder)/

the list goes on of Pusher Man’s creative ingenuity to

kill/splatter apart/rip to shreds/annihilate


mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunties,

nieces, nephews, grandchildren, boys, girls.

Do you feel proud of yourself, Pusher Man?

Have you ever thought of construction rather than destruction?

if you’d put your ingenuity, your creativity, your resourcefulness

to work to create:

jobs/education/health services/roads/schools/hospitals/

houses/renewable energy.

You’d be the hero, the one cheered on by those

benefiting by your service to society.

What a concept, eh?

Not killing. Serving.

Think about it, Armaments Man,

because we, the people, are coming right in  your face,

you’re in our sights:

occupying your murderous factories,

working on boycotts of your subsidiaries

which may not bear your name but we’ll

track you down  and bring you down,

not with your weapons of destruction and death,

but our weapons of boycotts, social media, naming and shaming,

disinvestment, starving you of funds and approval.

You’ll wither on the vine while the fruits of

peace flourish, expand and scatter roses for

future generations.

Armaments Pusher Man: your time is UP!

(In Melbourne, Australia, demonstrators targeted the Israeli arms manufacturer, Elbit,  markets its drones as “field tested”. Well, yes, they are, on Palestinians in Gaza.


Figures below are from Wikipedia.

Rank Company Country Arms sales (US$ m.) Total company employment
1 Lockheed Martin  United States 36,000 120,000
2 Boeing  United States 27,610 174,400
3 BAE Systems  United Kingdom 26,850 88,200
4 Raytheon  United States 22,500 67,800
5 General Dynamics  United States 20,940 92,200
6 Northrop Grumman  United States 19,400 68,100
7 Airbus Group  European Union 15,400 140,000
8 United Technologies Corporation  United States 13,460 218,300
9 Finmeccanica  Italy 12,530 67,408
10 L-3 Communications  United States 10,840 51,000


6 thoughts on “God Damn the Armaments Man (thanks to God damn the Pusher , Steppenwolf)

  1. We are creating weapons of mass destruction n we are giving away noble prizes for peace on one hand we are researching in genetics molecular technology to help mankind get rid of diseases n on the other we are disabling them by blasting mines n other warfares who are we and what we intend to do?


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