Open Heart

Open Heart


We come into this life dancing

with love in our hearts, joyfulness, curiosity, laughing gleefully,

playing in mud and glitter.

And then society

teaches you

to love possessions/things

And to turn away from the humanity shadowing

your doorstep:

the less fortunate, the poor, the homeless sitting

on the streets and begging.

Begging!  How awful to spoil our nice, neat, tidy streets

with the reminder that not all of us have things

like house and possessions.

But all of us possess hearts, the power of love

and the knowledge that

hey, babe, you’re only a

whisker away from your seat on the street.

Lose your job/make a mistake/miss your mortgage payment/

damage your car and can’t afford the repair to get to

a low-paid, slave-conditions job/

bounce a cheque due to bank fees and the bank

will charge you for that bounced cheque

and send you into penury.

Look at that guy/gal on the street begging.

Open your eyes to their humanity.

Unzip your heart, know that people not possessions are the real

wealth of our world.

Give them a dollar or more, or a coffee, or a meal, or clothes, or

yourself offering help,

Because there –

but for the grace of God –

goes you.

Be humble. Show love. Be generous.

Open your heart and shine your soul!

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