Portraits of Moi

I was extremely pleased with myself yesterday because my webcam had packed up, but I managed to track down the programme, reinstall it and hey presto! I now have a fully functioning webcam again. I’m always pleased when I manage to do something techie like this as I refuse to let the infernal machine which is my computer beat me down!

Anyway, I then took a selfie via the webcam and played around with a new gizmo I’ve found on Fotor.com. If you go into the website, you’ll find “edit”, where you upload your photo,, then click on “Effects” on the left-hand panel, then click on “Magic Effects” you’ll see a number of special effects you can create on your photo – like bubbles or dandelion flowers, etc. The trick is to click on one effect then drag your mouse over the photo to get it to work. It doesn’t work if you just click on one of the panels, as I did with much frustration, until I twigged about dragging your mouse over the photo. So have fun with the equivalent of on-line glitter!

Here’s yesterday’s photo:


But then this morning I got a note from another blogger:


who’s created two more portraits from my photo and I love ’em. They really capture who I am inside and I’m quite thrilled with MM’s creative work, a really lovely surprise!

Mo - Multiple Michael 1 Mo - Multiple Michael

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