Parallel Universes

It was stinking hot yesterday and 40C today, although a cool sea-breeze has just come in and made things bearable again. I’ve been in my hovel (as my husband calls my study, occasionally it’s the shanty), with the air-conditioning on, hunched over the computer keyboard and decided to do some artwork for a challenge I’m part of on Facebook – where we create art from images associated with the Mediterranean area.

This month it’s tilework but, given the heat, I’m not able to get out and about to do a lot of photography so I decided to play with some images I have already.  I firstly worked with a photo I took of mosaics in the communal area at Scottshead Beach. I used the Fractilius Redfield plug-in for Photoshop, plus some snazzy bits from a new gizmo I’ve found on  Then I fished out a photo I’d taken of a paved walkway at Salamis, a historic site on the south  coast of North Cyprus, close to the historic port of Famagusta.  I created a close-up of the paving stones and then coloured it, to end up with a photo which reflects the heatwave we’re currently experiencing. It is, by the way, getting cooler tomorrow – “only” 37C!

Mosaic Scottshead Beach 2
Mosaic, Scotts Head Beach
Alternative Universes
Parallel Universes (from mosaic at Scotts Head Beach)
Roman collonaded street, Salamis
Roman collonaded street, Salamis
Close up of paving


10 thoughts on “Parallel Universes

  1. love the originals and love what you did with them, but I can’t appreciate youre heat because I can’t translate to F degrees.We, on the other hand, in the middle of August no less, are having a cool, no a/c, no humidity day (UNHEARD OF) and if I can get myself in gear I’m going to finish my top step mosaic.

    Tammy Vitale

    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 15:18:20 +0000 To:


  2. 40C is 104F, but it’s been really humid too. You always know here when it’s humid (apart from the fact that I feel it, I’m a walking barometer for humidity) because you can’t see the Besparmak Mountains which are only ten minutes away from us. There’s just a haze. Glad you like the artwork, Tammy, I’ve been enjoying your blog posts – got any way to respond to them?


  3. You have amazing thoughts and ideas to present to people. I really enjoyed reading your posts … My friend Saima who is your neighbour told me about your work and I am indeed very much pleased that I viewed your page and made my day 🙂


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