Scotts Head Beach

I’ve started going through photos I’ve taken of scenery as I’ve found PicMonkey’s editing suite is heaps better than Photoshop’s tools. It’s faster, gives better results and is easy to manage.

So firstly, here are photos I took of Scotts Head Beach, about 20 minutes from where I lived slightly inland from the Pacific Ocean on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. It would have to be one of my very favourite places of all those I’ve visited.

Scotts Head Beach is a beautiful, unspoiled bay with fantastic views over to the other side of the bay and the small town of Nambucca Heads, where the Nambucca River flows into the Pacific Ocean. It has a small row of shops where you could buy beach gear or enjoy a meal, depending on what you fancied and how much you wanted to spend.

We used to visit this beach often as the views were lovely, it had long expanses of beach, and we used to simply enjoy watching the sea, surf and, of course, surfers.

At one stage we got storms and heavy tides which eroded a lot of the beach and caused sand drifts which covered a lot of the rocks that were there when we first moved to Bowraville.

One of the other big bonuses was to watch wedge-tailed and sea eagles floating on the thermals and moving gracefully along the shore as the high winds helped these magnificent birds soar along, as they covered quite big distances, seemingly without any effort.

So, without further ado, and with a big fanfare, I give you: Scottshead Beach!

Rocks at Scotts head beach
Sea, Stones, Sand – Scotts Head Beach
Beach at Scottshead
View from Scotts Head Beach across to other side of bay.
View to other side of Scottshead
View across bay
Scottshead Beach, Winter 2011
Winter at Scotts Head Beach
Scottshead, mid-NSW coast
Another view across to Nambucca Heads


9 thoughts on “Scotts Head Beach

    1. The rocks were at the beginning of the beach, where you walked in from the road. There’s a promontory at this end of the beach and you can climb quite high and get wonderful views over the ocean.


  1. WOW – gorgeous! I’m starting to think maybe the Pacific has the prettiest beaches, tho in the northwest, you wouln’t want to get in without a wet suit. The east coast is perfect for swimming.

    Tammy Vitale

    Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 14:10:24 +0000 To:


    1. Glad you liked the pics, Irene. The beaches close to where we live are rocky and pebbly, but when you go to the Famagusta area on the south coast or to the Karpaz Peninsula, there are wonderful, sandy beaches.


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