I was reading a post this morning about dreams and an artist who works with dreams and Jungian theory in her art/dreamwork. 

Which – to my delight – promptly reminded me of a couple of dreams I had this morning which I’d clean forgotten about. And I worked with a photograph I took a while back of a firework exploding in front of our apartment during a fireworks display by the Merit Hotel, close to where we live west of Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

In the first dream, I am jumping from a great height into a lovely pool in scenery which resembles the majestic gorges, gulleys and billabongs of the Kimberley, in north-west Western Australia. In the dream I had no fear and had the time of my life diving into this pool.

In the second dream, I was at an airport waiting for a flight and browsing in a newsagency for material to read on the flight. I suddenly realised I hadn’t got my flight tickets, I thought I’d left them in a handbag at home, and only had an hour to fetch them and get back to the airport.  But I was with a member of the flight crew who checked the flight time for me and told me it had been delayed by one hour so I had time to get home and get my tickets and passport. But then I remembered that I’d left the handbag on a table nearby, so didn’t have to worry about rushing around to catch my flight.  And when I did catch the flight, it had incredibly spacious seating where we all sat around chatting to each other.

So if you’re wondering why I’ve headed this “Success”, it’s because I’ve had countless dreams where I stuff around reading newspapers, leaving passports or tickets behind at home, and where I have to rush around picking up documentation and in the process getting lost at the airport and missing the flight.

To me, my past dreams have been about my focus on reading newspapers and current affairs, allowing me to procrastinate and putting off the creative work which I enjoy so much. So catching the flight with all the documentation is a sign I’m moving forward and the fact I’m diving in the pool means I’m happy to take risks emotionally and I’ve now got the courage to move into the next part of my creative life (whatever that is, haven’t quite worked it out yet!).

I have worked with art for this dream, but if you’re interested, you can also work with the Tarot.  Divide your dream into sections (you usually find you describe one part of a dream and move into the next part with “And then….”.  And when you’ve sorted your dream into sections, draw Tarot cards for each scene.  It’s really quite interesting what comes up.

I’ve also included a video of Procul Harem’s Whiter Shade of Pale because it reminds me of the weird quality of dreams (and because I really love the music too!).

8 thoughts on “Success!

    1. Sorry to hear about the nightmare. I’ve only had one in my whole life and it is like a, well, nightmare to me.I’m really glad I never had them on a regular basis. Hope you’re okay now, Carol.


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