Love You – You’re the One You’re With


I’ve been struck recently by how many people seem to be so dissatisfied with themselves for not exercising enough/not being organised/not resting enough/doing too much/not knowing what they want out of life/not feeling quite right/being a bit depressed,  and so on.

As I read recently, the human race finds it so hard to let go, to be yourself, to simply accept ourselves as we are. We always have to be a do-it-yourself-improvement-project. And just think – a cedar tree just grows, enjoys being a cedar tree and doesn’t get its knickers in a twist about whether it needs to be better, even better or best. It just is.

So just for today, I’d like to suggest that you let go, do what you really want to do, or just rest, listen to music, veg out, cook or whatever takes your fancy. And as you do so, enjoy yourself. There is no competition, just be with yourself, to nurture, spoil, treat politely,and to LOVE yourself. Remember: you really are okay just the way you are!

And if you fancy it, you can stand with your legs apart, spread your arms out to sweep in love from the universe, then sweep it into yourself as you cross your arms and give yourself a heaping great dose of self-love!

I was going to include the video “Love the One You’re With” with Crosby, Stills & Nash, but all I could find were concert versions which I wasn’t very impressed with. So in the end I decided on Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”!



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