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Life EssenceI was asked to take part a while ago in another blog hop but things got very muddled chez Mo – intermittent troubles with fibromyalgia and hip pain, the heat and the humidity (it’s been a very humid summer here in North Cyprus and it affects the fibro badly) and then the disruption of trying to sort out why I couldn’t suddenly access my e-mail. For that I can thank Prime Minister Erdogan as I’ve discovered Turkey blocks the website I use for my e-mail. But on the other hand, I can look on this positively as it taught me how to track down problems and solutions all on my own. which I guess is a plus.

So here I am finally getting to the blog hop, and my apologies to Kerry, who invited me, for taking so long to get going.  I still have to invite three more people to take part, but I’m getting my own part in this completed at long last.

Firstly, a thank you to Kerry Weaving for asking me to take part.  Kerry lives with Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, which really stuffed up her textile career as she was chronically ill for fifteen years before receiving help in dealing with her health challenges.  She has come a long, long way! She now uses Painter and a Wacom tablet for her art and I just love what she creates as it is so colourful.  I also like the way Kerry takes chances – tries new avenues, experiments, seeks out the path less travelled which I think is so gutsy.

You can find Kerry here, do visit her site as the range of art she creates is quite extraordinary – I think she’s inspirational for those who face challenges and can see how far Kerry has come, plus look at her lovely art work:

I’ll now answer questions which are put to those of us taking part in the blog:

1) What Am I Working on at the Present Time:

I am working with poetry much to my surprise. It suddenly popped up out of nowhere after I’d written about my mother’s death from lung cancer in 1987 on my blog as book. I last wrote poetry when I saw a psychologist after mum died as no-one wanted to talk about death and grief in those days. I’m enjoying the poetry but have decided to write it only when it pops into my head, as it has done so far, fully formed. I think if I try to force it, it’s going to sound artificial.   I am of course still working with my digital art.  I used the image above of magenta bougainvillea flowers (fiddled with a bit as I just can’t help myself) as it represents the peace of heart I’ve found in finally finding an avenue to create the images that have been running around my head for years!

One of the other things I’m doing on my book as blog ( is contemplating the road of peace and  restorative justice and how this path has developed from my own lifetime’s experience.  It is so easy to talk of hate and anger, but far more difficult to find a path through hate to the other side where understanding of each other can be developed and new paths open up.

2) How does my work differ from others in this genre?

Short answer? I have absolutely no idea.  I think each person is unique and really, I think the development of blogs and social media really shows the range of creativity which is present in such huge numbers throughout the world. Each person has a different passion and different approach and it’s wonderful to see so many sparkling stars lighting up our lives. The internet has been such a boost to not only helping people be more creative but also spreading the links so that we can see what human beings are capable of.

3) Why Do I Create What I  Do?

Because I can’t NOT create what I do. Writing has always been a passion for me, I’m a communicator although it took me to my ‘fifties to realise it – a late bloomer. And although I worked with various forms of art in the field of canvases/acrylics/pastels in Australia, it’s digital art which has opened up so many doors for me here in North Cyprus. It’s as if it’s opened a flood of images which I am impelled to create through my photographs and digital art programmes. North Cyprus has really been good for me, I feel a new woman here.

4) How Does My Creative Process Work?

It varies. Sometimes I used photographs I’ve taken of nature which I then work with digitally to create abstract art. Sometimes I create a canvas on PicMonkey (this really helped me open up digital art-wise) and then start working with the various gizmos on PicMonkey, BeFunky, and I also use plug-ins from Redfield and Topaz on Photoshop. At first I’d have a fixed idea of what I wanted to create, but then I found that if I let go, and just let images flow, I’d create a piece of digital art and the title would pop in to my head as I looked at the final creation. And I know when I’m finished because I always get an “aha” feeling when the right image is looking back at me from the computer screen.

I’m also finding now that, if I have a poem in mind, the image of the digital art to accompany it emerges very rapidly.

For most of my life I thought I was unimaginative and hadn’t a shred of creativity, but now I know that’s simply not true and I still hug myself when someone says they like a piece of art I’ve created.   It’s a thrill every time!

That’s it for the blog at this point, folks.  I still have to ask three more blog owners to participate in the blog hop and when I have some answers, I’ll do another post to link you to three more creative people.



8 thoughts on “Blog Hoppin’ Along

    1. Yes, i remember reading a book where one character asked another if she would give up art if someone paid her a million dollars and she said no, realising she really was an artist. Same here – couldn’t stop writing and creating art, even if you paid me and I bet it’s the same for you, Tammy.


  1. Great Blog. Thanks for all the positive comments. I’m not peaceful at the moment and trying to work through that. I’m glad you’ve found some peace. I had some, but it’s visiting someone else at the moment. You have a very interesting story of your creativity. I’m finding so many things the older I get. Be well. I hope the weather changes. I am finding this summer very hard physically. It has been hotter than usual.


    1. Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time, Kerry. I know for myself that the hot, humid weather we get here in summer is incredibly painful for my fibromyalgia – I feel like my muscles are on fire and it’s really hard to cope with the pain. And it’s hard when people can’t see the pain inside you and you look okay on the outside. So I hope your health and situation improves, big hugs to you, my good friend. Love, Mo.


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