Rainbow Hearts

Rainbow Hearts

I had a really beautiful dream just before waking this morning – which meant I remembered it clearly, a real bonus.

I was sitting beside a lake with quite a few people when suddenly a saw a small gizmo sailing past puffing out mists of rainbow colours. I noticed that no-one else but me saw it so I started drawing people’s attention to it and they were delighted with such a lovely device.

I bought two more but then found that they all stopped working when the lake dried up. As it started filling up again, though, the rainbow clouds started appearing as the gizmos needed water to function.

Then I started showing people how they worked and found that I could see them opening up in people’s hearts.  I told people how these rainbows were opening up in their hearts and sending mists of bright colours from their hearts to their heads and out into the ether.  People were so excited and then I felt the urge to show them how to unlock these rainbows themselves – how to activate the rainbow mists and consciously work with them.

People were so pleased, exuberant and exultant at finding these rainbows in their heart and sending out these beautiful mists of colours themselves. Children especially had a wonderful time playing with the rainbow colours.

So if you’re wondering what this means in practical terms, it’s pretty clear to me if not to you.

The dream was telling me to look for the good in life, the power of love, and to know that when our emotions dry up (as in the lake running dry) we become dessicated and unable to access the rainbow of love living in our hearts. The three gizmos represent body, mind, spirit.

I guess I’ve been heading in this direction but perhaps resisting a bit – talking of love sounds a bit mawkish and, with all the violence, sadness and hate in the world, you feel like you’re pushing the proverbial uphill when you mention the “L” word.  But the dream was clear: I’m on  a new path for me – a clear message to let go of the ranting and raving to which I am prone which is quite sad as I love ranting and raving but there you go, a fresh direction in life – and to work to help people to unlock love in their lives, to help people see that love resides in their hearts and is there to activate whenever people want to radiate out love, kindness, tolerance and acceptance. And when they do, it’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling.  Children especially, when not imbued with hate, are enchanted with the power of love.

I do love dreams – postcards from your inner, wise self!

 The colours in the digital art I created also have significance:

Purple- Spiritual energy

Turquoise – Communication with love

Green – Heart energy, new beginnings.

Pink – Love

Yellow – Wisdom:  the heart and heat combined

Orange – Creativity.

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Hearts

  1. A delightful and important dream. Love is never mawkish and it’s all there is. It’s true you know. P.S. I promised when I found my book: Tell me where you hurt and I’ll tell you why, that I’d translate the bit on hips (it’s in French) from it. Well I found the book. Would you still like me to do this? Ann


    1. Thanks for your comment – today I’m spending in my study with the air-conditioning on, we are entering the hottest month here in North Cyprus, heading to 38C for a few days mid-week which means i’ll be lurking in my study keeping cool. My husband loves the heat – talk about opposites attract!


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