Love’s Fiery Trail

Flight of Light


I confess:

I’d love to hate at times

when I read of something


But I can’t.

Only age has taught me this:

I used to be a good hater.

But now I know that

hate rots your heart and soul

from the inside out.

These thoughts arose because

I read of an Israeli sniper,

one David Ovadia,

who boasted on Instagram of killing

13 Palestinian children

in one day.


The image stays with me:

a young man with his future ahead of him

denying the future to Palestinian children

because he hates.

But, maybe, this young man –

brainwashed by a murderous government

and hateful media –

will one day wake up and realise

the truth:

he has war crimes on his conscience

and he cannot bring back to life

13 dead Palestinian children.

So I don’t hate him.

I pity him and I love him

because he’s a human being.

And he will suffer when/if he awakens to the truth

and knows that he has killed innocent children.

Pray for him.

Send him love

for the fire of love will trace its power in the skies

and through the Universe.

Because if we hate,

evil will have won.

If we love,

evil will be defeated.


13 thoughts on “Love’s Fiery Trail

  1. I read a series of books once, sci-fi, and the hero beats the villian by laughing instead of being afraid. Things like this are no laughing matter, of course. Compassion for the killer and killed is appropriate. I don’t know how to do that for the killer. It’s like looking at white southerners’ faces from pictures during the heat of civil rights. I don’t know how to feel compassion for that. I’m at the point where I don’t know if I believe that love conquers all. My Mom was Mississippi born and raised. My Dad, Lebanese, was racist towards blacks and Jews. Somehow they raised me. It took my Mom two years to tell me she voted for George Wallace (I don’t know if you know our history – he ran for President against integration – full on Southern hate hood). I was appalled (at 14 it isn’t hard to be appalled at a parent I guess) and since then I’ve thought about it and thought about it and still don’t understand it. What I’d like, love and hate aside, is accountability. So he boasted – who is going to hold him accountable? No one ever held the white southerners accountable for their murderous actions. They got away with it. And every ones knows it. Sort of like OJ Simpson murdering his wife. Like that. Things you get away with because you are the right color or are a sport hero.

    At any rate, this is a wonderful reminder of things to think about. Thank you!

    Tammy Vitale

    Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2014 10:48:35 +0000 To:


  2. Yes, I remember George Wallace (shudder)! If I talk of love rather than hate, it doesn’t include accountability. If you commit something hateful, you are still accountable. But I think if you choose to hate someone, you’ve swallowed their poison. I actually rant and rave about people not facing justice because they’re white, or a sports hero – as per the poor young men who have had their lives ruined because they gang-raped a girl and got caught. Poor little dears. Because I’m a Libran with Libran Rising, justice is really important to me and I think it means that people need to speak up and not stay silent in the face of injustice. I know I would like to say to that young man and to all of Israel’s leaders: “If you step outside your Promised Land, I will promise to make a citizen’s arrest of you and take you to the International Court of Justice for war crimes. A bit fantastical, but i know some political leaders who now won’t step outside of their country because of the threat of being tried for genocide/war crimes, etc. BUT this action, this threat is usually taken by community groups not politicians. I don’t rely on politicos for justice or the truth any more, they just serve monied interests.


  3. Your poem, as your art, is beautiful. Yes I also send love to such a pitiful person who must be living in a very scary private hell. Otherwise how could he want to hurt children?

    I hope it is OK to repost this.


  4. Your image is beautiful! The textures and colors give it a watercolor-on-handmade-paper kind of effect.

    Hatred. There is too much of it in the world. To have that kind of hatred, I think a child must be taught hate and fear from infancy. I feel sadness that this man, as a child, was given a steady diet of hatred and fear and that, in turn, he will pass this evil on to his own children. And the greater sadness is that there is no room for love in a heart so consumed by hatred.


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