Time Out

I’ve decided to have a week’s break from blogging and doing pretty much anything at present as the heat has really begun to affect me badly and I’m suffering from heat exhaustion.  We’ve had over a fortnight of 40C (102-104F) with intense humidity and it has been utterly draining.  We are facing the same for … More Time Out


  We got up on Tuesday morning to find we had no water. The apartment on the ground floor opposite us was sold recently and now we have families from Russia staying there – who have no idea of water-wise habits here in dry North Cyprus. It’s been stinking hot and they had merrily used … More Blessings


RESPECT! Respect: That whore you sneer at as she stands thin and tired at the roadside, that addict shooting up in a squalid alley or rancid room Was raped as a kid by daddy/step-daddy/family friend/priest beaten by their mother/father/brother/sister, Given a fix by their mother at twelve years of age. Respect! Lives on the streets … More Respect!

Dream Talking

Well, no, I’m not exactly talking in dreams but the last one I had was very simple and very clear and was about communication: I was in my home watching as a phone landline was being installed to my house. A bit ironic in one way because landlines in North Cyprus are as rare as … More Dream Talking

God Damn the Armaments Man (thanks to God damn the Pusher , Steppenwolf)

GOD DAMN THE ARMAMENTS MAN Yes, you: the one who manufactures and pushes weapons anywhere in the world, served so well by servile governments: God damn you ‘cos you’re the Pusher Man, the Armaments Man, the World of Warcraft for real. Makes and hawks his wares as a mercenary Because he’s sold his soul to … More God Damn the Armaments Man (thanks to God damn the Pusher , Steppenwolf)

For Crow-Lovers

Yes, folks, I’ve done it again – got a good shot of four hooded crows who landed on a tree in front of our kitchen. Hooded crows are native to North Cyprus and around this region. They’re smaller than the crows I used to see in Australia and tend to be more solitary. But this … More For Crow-Lovers