Quest 1


“Strivers, not skivers”

“Lifters not leaners”

Slick phrases used by so-called Christian leaders

to divide and rule us,

and demean the less fortunate.

So, let me tell you, I have a dream:

that we the people

send so-called Christian political leaders on a quest:

sent out like trusty knights of old

to seek honesty, integrity, fairness, service to the people not corporations.

Shiny-Faced PoshBoy Cameron in the UK

BullyBoy Abbott in Australia

Bomber McCain, Corporate Hillary Clinton,

Drone Lover Obama in the US

and more:

those who call themselves Christians

then turn their backs on the poor and the needy

and the unemployed and the homeless

and the working poor

or who want war and conflict rather than

reason and peace.

So off we sent them to live on the streets,

dressed in second-clothing (so they know what it feels like

to be poor,

to fret about how to pay bills because they now have to endure

the cuts they imposed on the disadvanaged,

to mourn that they don’t have the money or power

to buy billion-dollar bombers and fighters.

And as we want them to experience

what the end result of their war-mongering is,

we also send them  to

Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine, Somalia, Gaza, the West Bank.

A reminder:

what is the treasure they’re hunting for?

Humility; Compassion; Honesty; Empathy; Peace; Integrity; Honour,

Serving the people, helping the poor, the homeless, the downtrodden, the unemployed

the working poor, but NOT the corporate 1%.

Sorry, folks – they’re still searching!


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