Fractured Heart

Fractured heartFRACTURED HEART

Years ago I read an interview

with a guy who hated people

who wore white shoes.

Bit of a shock to be hated by someone I don’t know:

I wear white shoes, love ’em and I thought

at the time

of the idiocy of hating

someone you’ve never met, don’t know and can’t acknowledge

and that, deep down,

you hate yourself.

How easy it is to take the low road of hate.

How seemingly hard, but how easy  it is when you start walking and working it,

to take the high road to love.

Too often all around us we see people with


hearts hating people who are the same

as they while they, the haters, are hurting and scarring

themselves rather than those they hate.

Hate corrodes, it rips your heart apart,

but love heals and puts your fractured heart together

so you choose to  look into the hearts and souls

of those who came into this world

as loving little beings,

trusting, innocent, smiling,

and see those around you and elsewhere in this world

as they were at birth.

Try it: put your fractured heart together.

The scars and stitches are the path of learning

to dissolve hate and embrace love:

with hate you sink into the darkness.

With love you fly to the light, the sun and the stars.

(The artwork was created from a photo I took of a firework exploding at a recent fireworks display close to my home in Alsancak, North Cyprus)

13 thoughts on “Fractured Heart

    1. Hi, Lorrie – thanks for your comments, after writing about my mother’s death in my other blog, I feel heaps better, much lighter. I have also realised that I must have done quite a bit of damage when I had a fall earlier this year after tripping over the dogs, as physically the aches and pains are fading. Great relief!


      1. Oh Mo…Yes…I can only imagine your emotional pain….my heart goes out to you. I am always amazed by how it can translate into physical pain…but it does. Much love to you…what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I’ll be thinking of you! ❤ ❤


  1. Hi Mo!
    I am doing strange things with your blog. Sorry. Am playing with my new phone & finding the WP app not user friendly. Think I unliked then liked your post then unfollowed then followed you! Please ignore! Will go back on my laptop later. Technology! Sigh.


  2. I know how you feel. We rented an apartment here when we moved from Australia, but it was such a relief to move into a place that was our own at long last. Makes such a difference. Are you looking to buy a house or rent one?


  3. Oh, Mo, this is so wonderul. I know how hate fractures and kills. This is one of the reasons why I am so strong on walking the Road of Love. Bless you for this post. Bless you!!! Love, Amy


    1. Thanks, Amy. I did some work in a dream workshop once with a lady who had a dream about a black, wooden heart. As we worked through it, she realised she’d been hardening her heart and was appalled when she realised. Life-changing for her.


      1. I believe it, Mo. Sometimes we don’t even realize how hard our hearts become due to the onslaught of what life throws at us. It takes a lot of courage to see this, and to change that hardness back into softness and Love. I know. Bless you, my friend, for addressing a subject that many need to hear! Love, Amy


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