I have been absent for a few days due to problems with accessing my e-mails. As I get a large number each day from the blogs I follow, if I don’t stay on top of them I get nasty messages from iPage, the website I use for my e-mail.

For some reason I couldn’t fathom, I suddenly couldn’t access my e-mail, iPage on-line, Avaaz security and a few other sites. Eventually, in desperation I trotted down to the friendly computer store close to here where a young kid helping out his dad (rolling eyes madly at techie kids who go click-click on my computer then look up with the answer!) told me I’d been blocked from access to iPage.

I trotted off home and looked up info about iPage, only to find out that Turkey blocks a number of web sites, including iPage and North Cyprus has close links with Turkey.  Well, thanks, Prime Minister Erdogan – if you’re trying to enter the European Union I’d bone up a bit on human rights and freedom of speech, if I were you.  Not, I must be honest, that such minor details will likely bother those yeaying or naying Turkey’s entry to the EU – they’re far more interested in the huge market that Turkey represents so every time they think of that country, a dirty great KER-CHING rings up in their minds!

So I tried out the VPN offered by Avaast, and whaddya know?  My e-mail opened up immediately and I once again had access to iPage.  I really hate being defeated by a computer, so I’m quite VERY pleased with myself for sorting this out pretty much on my own. In astrological terms, I have 9 air signs which means I do quite enjoy a techie challenge, even if I can be off the planet a bit with Neptune in the first house very close to my Rising Sign, Libra.

I also spent a nice day with my husband on Wednesday when we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  10thWeddingAnniversaryWe managed to get around to this after 27 years together so no one can say we rushed things!  We decided to get married when we were living in the UK and family could attend – our daughter, grand-daughters and great grand-daughter.

My daughter provided my bouquet and our grand-daughters created the wedding cake which was lovely and scrumptious. We also had good friends present that we’d met in the UK while living there. We included a bracelet of stone spirits instead of a traditional ring (I wear my mother’s engagement ring and my husband bought our wedding ring two weeks after meeting me, we just didn’t get around to the ceremony!) and many quotes from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. The photo is of us signing the register at Burnley Registry office. Oh, and I dreamed the date of the wedding which turned out to be the best summer’s day that year in the UK!

The upshot is, though, that sorting out the e-mail stuff-up and our wedding anniversary on Wednesday have consumed a lot of my time and so no posts which has been frustrating. And I do feel slightly discombobulated by the amount of time I’ve had to spend not only sorting out the e-mail problem, but then dealing with a huge number of e-mails to ensure I’m keeping my webmail from being too cluttered up.

Things are pretty much on an even keel now, so I’m hoping normal service will be resumed from now on. Fingers crossed!

Standing Stones of Callenish
The Standing Stones of Callenish


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