Heritage Heart

Heritage HeartThe other night the Merit Hotel, close to us and right on the coast of the Mediterranean, held another fireworks display. I love these because I run and grab my camera, then just stand snapping away until the display comes to an end.

When I downloaded and edited the photos, I came across this image in the sky of fireworks exploding which formed a giant heart in the sky. Although I’ve added a heart shape, it follows the exact shape of the pattern in the sky.

I decided to call it: Heritage Heart – what heritage will we gift to future generations through the actions of our hearts today?


Those of us who now live

on Mother Earth:

I ask you –

What future do we gift those

who follow us

and who will stand on our shoulders?

Because one day we will be the ancestors

and who will look kindly on us?

Today we have choices:

To live not ON the earth but

WITH the Earth.

We can open our hearts to those

who live otherwise

than us.

We can work to live

Rather than live to work.

We can live smaller and earth-friendly

rather than largely and wastefully.

We can refuse to be whipped

into the hysteria

of fear and war

against fellow citizens of this

lovely planet we all inhabit together.

We can stand with those who suffer prejudice/


and listen to their voices,

empathise with their suffering,

Offer a shoulder to lean on to walk this

life on earth.

We can respect all life on Earth

and work/organise

to preserve an environment

which will feed our love through

to future generations.

We can love, not hate.

And in so doing we will leave a heritage

of heart and soul,

a shining light for those who follow us

to leave the darkness of hate, envy, bitterness,

and greed,

To instead pass on to those we gift to the future

love, kindness, respect, courage, integrity

and the radiance of a spirit that shines

from the oneness

that unites us all.

10 thoughts on “Heritage Heart

  1. Oh I love the Heart imploding with fireworks!
    must be how love being unfurled in a heart must look like…
    your poem is full of the wisdom that is needed these days….
    Thank you for sharing you and your gifts of art….
    Take Care…You Matter…


      1. oh it is indeed my Pleasure, I love wandering within your works of art and words
        I especially love that fireworks within the heart…
        love imploding 🙂


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