Silence Aloud

Silence Aloud


Yesterday I looked

Into the empty skull of a

Palestinian boy.

Face intact, back of head

blown away, smashed, empty skull, no brains.

And Father, weeping, imploring

his son to come alive

And play with his favourite toy.

I saw a photo of a young girl

Her face pock marked with shrapnel wounds

A tear escaping her eye

As she died.

We don’t see these images in the West because

we are coddled and swaddled from

images that might upset our delicate/sensitive/fragile/exquisite

blindfolded selves.

Tears for the Palestinian people

Washing away the silence of genocide

by Israel.

Israel: cossetted and armed

by the American military-industrial complex

because waging war on Palestinian people

is profitable.

Israel – supported in its murderous actions

by Murdoch’s empire/CNN/NBC/ABC/BBC/Establishment media.

So I heed a call by a Palestinian:

Why the silence on Palestinian deaths?

5 dead Israelis;

so far 333 dead Palestinians:

77 children, 24 women and 18 senior citizens,

more than 2,385 people have been injured.

of whom two-thirds are civilians including babies and children.

Why revenge, for god’s sake?

Why perpetuate a cycle of

Exhausting guns/deaths/bombs

heading nowhere except

Down the rabbit holes of violence

Where a right-wing Israeli politician calls for

Palestinian mothers to be


So they can no longer give birth

To snakes.

Snakes? Palestinians are human beings too!

Illegal settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank?

Collective punishment?

Silence and no sanctions for a rogue state by the world’s leaders

who sanctimoniously prattle on about human rights but

who turn a blind eye to death and destruction in Palestine.

So no more silence. We need

words to demonstrate

that all of us, wherever we are,

 Palestinians and Israelis alike

Are connected by the web of life and when one suffers

we all suffer.

Collective love for peace and against war:

Legal, Free, Transcends Boundaries.

So break the silence: rejoin the threads of the great

kaleidoscope weaving its magic spell

which binds us altogether.

Remember: any man’s death diminishes me. And you.

From the internet:

“I’m from Israel, actually, i’m from Earth, i’m from the same creation as you are, I just want to say that we are all one, and we can effortlessly live in peace the past has past, the future didn’t not happen yet, and the present is a present. The now is a gift! life is sacred we can create the future we want by being the change we want to see – right NOW! its a choice between fear and love. i choose love! no matter what happened in the past! I chose love, to create a future of love, to myself, my friends, my family, and my humanity, my earth, its ours together ! Fighting each other is so useless its like that a liver would pick a fight with the kidney. They both sustain the same body, and a fight between them would only hurt both of them, and the whole body itself! we are all the same, we are all citizens of earth, we are all branches of the same tree. There is more then enough for everybody to live in abundance, time to start sharing, time to unite, time to stand and live together.”

17 thoughts on “Silence Aloud

  1. amazing piece. I saw that photo too and it made my soul ache. This world gone mad, prayers to the universe for healing and peace. Thank you for speaking this so beautifully!!!


  2. Heartbreaking, and I didn’t know the statistics on the number of Palestinians killed vs. the number of Israelis killed. This is all so tragic. Thank you for posting.


    1. Thanks, Kerry, it’s interesting, I created a backdrop, then came across a piece of digital art I’d done a while back but never used, superimposed it over the backdrop, then tried different versions in PicMonkey and suddenly just the right image emerged.


  3. Hi, Mo.

    You’ve made such a beautiful, receptive place for this discussion. I am so it’s here.

    These are hard ‘now’ times to walk, sit, and breathe with. Your beautiful pieces are a gift in finding a place of balance for discussions. Your love and care resonates deeply. Thank you. I leave a small gift of stillness in this note.

    Many, many of us are aware of the situation… and care. I cannot speak from a place of true insight, but care deeply… for all, including you.

    My love and tears,


    1. Thank you so much, Meredith, I think what is so noticeable is how many people have been touched by the situation in Gaza and have made their voices heard. And thanks for the gift of stillness – a gift of great beauty and sensitivity. xx


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