I finally got some photos of a couple of hooded crows today. It’s been really difficult, I see them in the paddock next to our apartment stomping around but it’s as if they have a sixth sense – as soon as I focus on them through the bars of my kitchen, the little sods fly away. This time my husband called me out from my study and I focused from the kitchen so as not to disturb them as they fly off at the slightest sound or movement.

There were three but one flew off before I could focus, so  I got the remaining two sitting on the tree out front of our garden – the dark one is the parent and paler one is the fledgling (the parents have reared three young ones).  On the lower left you can see the Mediterranean. So here are three photos:

1) Distance shot showing Mediterranean

2) Close up of the two hooded crows

3) One of the crows flying away.

Hooded Crow in flight Hooded Crow x 2 Hooded Crows - Close-up


4 thoughts on “Gotcha!

    1. I do my best to help with your happiness quote, Delightful Deborah. I forgot to mention it before, but you would have loved where we lived halfway up a mountain in s-e Queensland. In the gulley below us was a huge colony of big, black crows who were convivial, family-oriented but, what can I say: perishing noisy, lol


    1. I love crows too, intelligent, sense of humour: they love to fly behind the apartment block close to us where the pigeons roost, then fly up behind the pigeons causing them to squawk and scatter in all directions. You can almost see the glee and smile on the faces of the crows as they fly past us!


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