Stop the hairy-chested, fist-waving



Sit down, talk out problems and

forget the cold war warrior

establishment kow-towing

brainwashed aggro.

You – Putin, McCain, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Poreshenko, Assad, al-Sisi, Netanyahu —

I could sit you at a table with your skin removed and

you would have no idea

who was whom, equal, emperors with no clothes,

brought to stand in front of those you send to war,

those you bomb,

those whose lives you like to play with and tear apart and

end prematurely:

babies, children, girls, teenagers, women, young men, men – human beings

who count, who are NOT cannon fodder.

Because you are too gutless and cowardly to communicate.

So much easier to kill, to turn to war than to the dove of


But we, the people, know and remember and bear witness

to the refusal of the war-mongers to


No fear, though.

We stand, we refuse to kneel.

We now have our communications – we have

our networks, our media, our social contacts

And we the people will – eventually – build a mighty communication network

to seek people’s justice

And turn weapons into plowshares.

We – the communicators of peace – are the future.

The war-mongers are the past.

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